Everything we do, we believe in challenging the conventional ways. We believe in doing the best for our animals not only today, but in the future. The way we challenge the status quo is by working holistically with nature to raise our animals.  We work with nature when we decide on breeding season, and birthing seasons, deer give birth in mid spring when the grass is starting to grow, and the bugs are minimal.  Most of our birthing follows suit.

Our breeding animals are selected for characteristics including motherhood, growth, parasite resistance, and many more.  Every choice we make revolves around what is best for the animal, and the future of the herd.

In doing this we just happen to make create nutritionally dense, and very tasty meats, with no chemicals, want to buy some?  Our farm store is open Saturday 10-2 and Sunday 1-4!

Farmer Friday:

What do you want to know about our farm?  Ask away!

This week has very much a blur, baby animals arrived in every shape, and size, grass is growing, as is the size of the farm.

This week I had to call the vet in for a difficult birth, and then was faced with the worse possible choice, to save a calf, his mother.  Based on the situation the vet and I decided it was best to save the calf.  Our vet did an amazing job in doing that and brought a healthy bull calf into the world of West Wind Acres.  Ashley dubbed him Harold III after his father Harold our Murray Grey bull, I think I will call him III!

III will be at the farm house this weekend during our store hours.  Stop in to meet him

Baby Count:

Lambs:  15

Calves:  2

Piglets:  35

Farm Store:

Our freezers are fully stocked for the weekend.  We have bacon, sausage, steaks, roast, chicken and much more!


13th Month Free when you purchase a Meat CSA this weekend!


Saturday: 10-2

Sunday:  1-4

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton, NY 12010


On My Nightstand:

About a year ago I came across a study that most adults in America read an average of less than 1 book per year, and that Millionaires read an average of 60 books per year.  Is it really that simple read more, make more money?  I imagined that it really depended on what you were reading, among other things.  However if I could change my life that easily why not give it a try.  Over the last year or so I’ve read more book than I have in the past 36.  I’m not a millionaire, which I’m perfectly fine with.  However, I have learned so many things about life, sales, motivation, finance, the power of positivity and so much more.  I will share with you all what I am reading, in my weekly blog.

I just finished MONEY Master the Game By Tony Robbins, it is quite an amazing look at the financial industry as a whole.  Tony interviewed many or the greatest investors of the last century for the book.  The book lays out where we are all wasting money in fees in our mutual funds, how to make money in a down economy, and even time tested diversification strategies.  I think this book is a must read for all Americans, he lays out ideas on how to plan your life and retirement no matter what stage of the game you are in.  The book ends with a look into technology, philanthropy, and what happiness really means.

Up next:  Start With Why By Simon Sinek