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Growing up I always wanted a horse, and my parents never purchased one.  Most likely because they didn’t love me and thought I should suffer a life without a horse.

My siblings and I raised goats when we were growing up.  My sister Heather really enjoyed it and will tell you that she hated the goats, but she loved to go to 4-H especially when the Goat Bowl was coming up.  We both competed at the State Fair at least once that I can remember.  If you ever meet Heather ask her favorite question to see if she remembers the answer.  What is AI!  I don’t remember exactly how she answered, however it was wrong and very funny!

Since my parents couldn’t afford the luxury of a horse, although draft horses could have been of much use, I made do with what I had available.  A neighbor, Linda Pushee, lent me a goat, harness, and cart.  This was my first attempt at using a draft animal, it went surprisingly well, nobody got hurt anyhow.  I think we should have invested in a bridle, controlling the goat would have been easier.  The summer of this picture we made a Freihofer bread delivery cart for the Costume Contest at the Saratoga County Fair.

Linda is amazing strong, loving compassionate woman, whom I spent much time with as I grew, and helped to shape me into the person I am today had a farm.  Glad Menagerie was the name, they has chickens, sheep, goats, a milking cow or two, and horses.  Lisil, not sure exactly how to spell her name, was a halflinger, Linda allowed me to ride her occasionally, she must be in her late 20s or early 30s today and still lives in the neighborhood.  Lisil helped to develop my love for horses.

A customer of my fathers remodeling business took me under his wing for a year or so and taught me the ins and outs of driving halflingers, I spent much time with Mark, had my first (and only)runaway team, and learned to love and respect horses even more.  That farm is 1/4 mile from West Wind Acres current location.  Time with Mark slowly dwindled away, about the time that Phil and Lolly Arnold of Arnold Feed and Grain took me in as an adopted grandson.

On weekends I moved in with Phil and Lolly, and spent my time in the horse barn, at Plowing Days, at the Eastern Regional Draft Horse Association, Harvesting Days, or at the Fonda Fair.  I learned to groom, harness, drive, feed, and care for draft horses.  In his hay day Phil has about 6 drafts, Sonny, Susie, April, May, and a few others.  I can’t remember my favorites name, I believe it was Bonnie her and Sonny made my favorite team.  Susie was very flashy, and a little harder to handle, Juliet reminds me of her a lot.  April and May were fillys born when I was 14 or 15, I helped in their training.

Jake and Heather try to forget the goat years as Jake put it yesterday as a comment to my mother posting the above picture on Facebook.  I to also often forget about the goat years, I learned a ton about life in that period of my life, met many of the people that have impacted my life, and learned a lot about goats.  Most to be forgotten, as my life went from focusing on the animals to focusing on girls, and cars, and then work, making a living and eventually kids.

My life came full circle and now I again spend much of my time with animals.  Low and behold I have 3 draft horses and a miniature horse.  I aspire to someday have a 6 horse hitch of beautiful spotted drafts.

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