Farmer Friday

We’ve been very busy getting ready for winter, bringing hay home, cutting firewood, and ensuring the animals are ready for winter, harvesting animals, and culling our herds, putting equipment away, and general farm cleanup.  Along with these normal preparations we have a few really big projects in the works.  In the next few weeks we will tell you more about them.

This week we processed about 100 chickens, and picked up pork from 8 pigs.  Our freezers are starting to fill up with meat for the coming months.  In stock this weekend we have a great stock of pastured pork  breakfast and sweet Italian sausage, some beautiful loin roast, fresh belly and much more.

I’m anxious to slow cook a nice pork roast this afternoon.  The house is going to smell amazing.

Piglets Galore

After a break from piglets all summer 4 litters of fall piglets were welcomed into the world on Wednesday and Thursday.


Tuesday November 7 we will be delivering our meats throughout the Capital District.  Order through our website, or email what you are interested in to



$37.50 per week for a full freezer all year long.
Our most popular CSA the 20 Pound Mix includes 12 months of chicken, pork, and beef.  An investment of $1,950 will provide you with nutritiously dense meat all year long.  Home delivery is also an option.

This works out to $37.50 per week to provide your family with high quality meats all year long.

Would you like to invest in your health today?

Pasture Raised Meat Chickens

Broiler special order 10 or more chickens save $.50 per pound

Pasture Raised Pork:

We have several pigs scheduled for the butcher in December a couple of halves are still available, and are on sale for the next 2 weeks.

Half and Whole Pig Prebuys:    We are offering  1 more pig for prebuy.  Order now for a 15% discount, pigs will go to butcher this fall.

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