West Wind Acres 2.0 is underway, our new adventure!  A month ago we started a great migration to a new and amazing farm in Knox NY.

The New Farm

The farm includes just over 100 certified organic acres , with a small farm house, 2 barns, and a large shop.  Exactly what will bring West Wind Acres 2.0 to the next level.  We are also leasing almost 200 additional acres adjacent to the main farm.

We have been working with Local Farms Fund.  They purchase farms, and lease to farmers, with the right to purchase after the 5th year.  Local Farms Fund is in the final stages of fundraising with just under $30k of investments required to close.

Cattle and Equipment

The farm also includes an existing herd of grass-fed cattle, and all of the equipment to run the farm, including tractors, hay equipment, and much more.  We are working with a few groups to finalize the funding on this piece as well.

The Ask

Small farms are an important part of our communities especially in rural areas.  They supply food to the community, employ many people, care for the environment, and recycle our income throughout the area.

Local Farms Fund and their investors recognize this, and are working to maintain farms in the Hudson Valley.

Together we are seeking a minimum of 6 investors with $5,000 or more of capital to invest in Local Farms Fund.  Farm land is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.