Its Farmer Friday!   One of the most frequently asked questions is what a day looks like for me.  Well here is what half of last week looked like.  I’ll post the balance of the week soon.  I spared many of the details but this is a good outline.

Great news we have pork in stock including sausage, bacon, pork chops and much more.  I hope to see you at the farm store from 10-2 Saturday and 1-4 on Sunday


In the life of a farmer there isno beginning or end to the week.  I don’t dread Mondays and rejoice that Friday is here.  Everyday, is a new day to make my mark on this earth.

Thursday 2/11/16

Prep for the storm:

The weather forecast called for severe cold for the weekend which means lots of planning and preparation,  maximize the comfort of both the animals and the farmer.

Fences are opened up so cattle can decided where the best place to winter the storm is, their mineral feeder is replenished, a dose of kelp is offered, and they are fed enough hay to last them a week.  Why so much hay?  Cattle with full stomachs can better regulate their temperature, during cold spells they will eat more to offset the energy they are loosing to the environment.  Also I really don’t want to be stuck on the tractor any longer than I have to.  Their hay is spread out across the pasture, whatever they don’t eat becomes food for our earthworms, and microorganisms in the earth.  By opening the gates the cattle have access to wind breaks, woods, pastures, and several additional water sources.

All of the pigs receive extra bedding, fresh hay, and an extra helping of grain.  They like to bury themselves in the bedding, the hay keeps their stomachs working and the added grain gives them more energy, and extra food.  Water tanks are emptied and refilled with fresh spring water.

The horse are blanketed, and brought into the barn, plenty of hay and fresh water is available.

The sheep have a great coat and just continue on with life like nothing has changed

Late Thrusday night water is checked, the horse are grained, and I go for some shut eye.

Friday 2/12/16

Weather  high 22, low 2

4:30 am up and preparing for the day.  Farm chores 6-7:30, Hunter on the bus and Roman to daycare.

6-7:30 Farm Chores

7:45-8:30 See the boys off for the day

9 arrive at The Century House in Latham for the 8th Annual Winter Green-up Conference (more details on the conference soon)

9:15-8:30 pm learn, network, learn, network, learn network.  This year I met a ton of amazing people at the Winter Green-up.  There were some amazing speakers

I also had a chance to talk with many farmers who I’ve met in the past and several I haven’t met before.  It was a great event to network at.

9 PM I arrived back at the farm to tuck in the animals, and confirm that the Intern took care of everything in the afternoon.

9:45  Home to see Stef for about 30 minutes before falling to sleep.

Saturday 2/12/16

Weather high 14, low -12

5 am Arrive at the farm water the animals, feed the horses and let them out, prep for the farm hand to finish up chores

7 prep for Conference and chat with Stef

8:30 The Century House Winter Green-up day two

4 pm head to my mothers to pick up the boys, drop them to Stef at home

5:30 Evening chores

6 dinner with the fam

9 bring in the horses tuck in the other animals

Sunday 2/14/16

Weather high 3 low -16

6 am check the animals wind chill of -34 break ice, feed horses

7 am Firehouse purchase Roses for my amazing and beautiful Valentine, breakfast with the family

9 am farm chores

1 pm farm check break water

4 pm farm check fresh water

6 pm horses in for the night

Please ask questions, I love to answer them!