I feel as if I have just been existing for the last 5 years, and for the last 3, since we lost our baby girl Alyena I have just been doing what I need for our family to survive.  Late in December I decided it was time for that to change, I vowed to myself, Stefanie and the boys that I would do whatever it took to have abundance in every part of our lives.

I started the year off on fire, up at 4 am 6 days a week, sending emails, posting to social media, and making new contacts, creating more action in the first 2 hours of the day than most people do in a full 8 hr day.  I kept this up for almost 8 weeks.  The results are amazing.

So far in 2015 I have had coffee meeting with almost two dozen business professional who were complete strangers.  We have started 5 new drop points throughout the Capital District, including 2 gyms, and a health food store.  Our CSA has grown by more than 25% in the first 2 months of the year, with the potential to continue.  We have also set up appointments with several fine restaurants in the region.

This year we are in the position to hire at least 1 full time employee to care for the animals.  We have applied to several farmers markets as well.

The winter has brought some challenges, but I have remained positive and pushed through them until last Wednesday evening.

On Wednesdays our boys spend the day with me, Hunter has preschool for a couple hours in the morning and then I spend a little quality time with them afterwards.  In the morning after dropping Hunter off at daycare Roman and I headed to the farm, where we watered the sheep and dogs that were in the barn, and the pigs that are in a paddock with no natural water.  We continued our day to have lunch with Stefanie at work, and returned home for nap time.  The boys slept from 1:30-4:45.  I planned to stop at the farm to do afternoon chores shortly after they woke up. 

While getting the boys ready, I looked out to find a Glenville Police Officer and 2 animal control officers.  I greeted them in the front yard, where they asked a couple of questions about our dogs not all being licensed and then asked if I’d mind taking them to the farm to see the dogs.  I was hesitant as I knew the dogs water would possibly be frozen since I hadn’t yet done afternoon chores, but in the spirit of transparency I offered to bring them to the farm.

Upon arrival we toured the farm, they witnesses a large steer stick his nose through the snow to access the running water below, I fed the sows, and then took them to the barn.  I had told them the water would most likely be frozen and it was.  I asked if they could do a hydration test on the dogs which they did, and stated that they were very well hydrated, seconds later the police officer handed me a ticket for failure to provide proper sustenance.  They also voiced concern over Thea favoring her left leg, and Julius being introverted.

I called Mandak Veterinary Services on Thursday morning and asked for a wellness check of the farm including a rabies vaccine for Julius, and a check of Thea’s leg.  They came out Friday morning, I held off on doing chores until after the wellness check so they could see conditions at their worst.  See her right HERE

This Tuesday the boys and I left for a slaughterhouse in Rome at 5:30 am, because I would be returning at 10-10:30 I opted to do morning chores upon returning in lieu of 4:30 in the morning, also a neighbor was going to stop to check water for the piglets, sheep, and dogs.  We made our trip, dropped the boys at the sitters, and I headed to the farm to drop the trailer so I could go get water.  As I pulled up I noticed police presence, 3 police officers, a dog control officer, and a vet, were there to execute a search warrant of our farm, and the house.  The search ended at our house with the officers stating that more charges may be brought at court next Thursday evening.

Today I contacted the rescue, and asked that they take Julius back.  They wrote a letter to the police department that you can view here.

In the mean time we will be delivering our CSAs next Tuesday.  I apologize for the inconvenience of having to delay. 

I could really use some extra business shop here  this week to help with the added expenses of the vet visit last week.  Please place orders for pick up on the farm on Saturday or delivery to local drop points on Tuesday.

Thank you for your business and your support
Joshua Rockwood