So much has happened since we wrote our spring newsletter, I can’t wait to put together our summer edition.

Watching all of the new lives on the farm grow and develop is truly amazing.  There is nothing in the world quite like walking into a field to find a newly born calf.

We are now producing enough meat that we can start marketing.  I have grown to really enjoy this part of farming.  Last Friday we had a farm tour with a few ladies from From Scratch Club.  I had a great time teaching them about our farm, and learning about their club.  The tour was about 2 hours, I think we could have made it an all day event.  From Scratch Club is a small group of women, in various stages of parenthood, who are passionately connected to the food they and their families consume.  While passionate about the food their families eat, they strive to buy local foods from people they know and trust.  I have followed them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/FromScratchClub?sk=info for several weeks, posts are numerous, well written, and always tell a great story, share a tasty recipe, or answer a question that many parents never thought to ask or didn’t know who to ask.  The From Scratch Club website http://fromscratchclub.wordpress.com/ is full of recipes, upcoming events, and other helpful information.

This coming Thursday I have a meeting with a wonderful local restaurant, I am hopeful that on Friday I will be able to reveal the name of our newest customer.  This restaurant would like to purchase meat from local sources.  I will be meeting with the owner and his head chef, I can’t wait.

We are also considering joining a few farmers markets to bring our meats closer to our wonderful customers and meet new customers as well.

Its going to be a warm and sunny week, enjoy every minute.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday at  A Day on The Farm.