Farmer Friday

I’m not sure if the weatherman could change his mind any more than he did this week, it had me spinning my wheels.  At first I thought we’d have a whole week to cut hay.  That changed several times in the forecast, in the end we had nice weather from Friday through Wednesday afternoon.

Cutting Hay

Cutting hay went fairly well, as did raking.  When we started baling, I started spinning wheels.  We borrowed a neighbors small square baler, and wagons from another neighbor.  I’m grateful for such awesome friends.  The baler was parked in a barn a few years ago, and hasn’t seen daylight since.  It’s a bit on the older side, but in great condition considering it was mad between 1968-1977.  The first afternoon it baled well, the ground was a little soft, so we were spinning wheels in a few spots.  At one point we were close to stuck, luckily we were able to pull ourselves forward using the tractor bucket.  We baled the first field on Sunday with only a few glitches.


we mowed more and tried to bale, the machine was very finicky and didn’t want to work, I spent several hours changing timing, and making adjustments, just as is started to work a bearing disintegrated.  At this point one of our helpers asked how I hadn’t lost my temper yet.


I spent much of the day locating the bearing, and driving out to Middleburg.  Late afternoon we installed the bearing and got the machine up and running just in time for dark.


was looking good, I raked the hay, got the baler going after a little more tweeking, it was running great.  Then the rain came!  Fortunately we got less than the moisture from a heavy dew and the hay was still ok.


we got a good start on raking as soon as the dew dried off.  Raked the fields twice each to make sure the hay was good and dry.  As soon as we started baling the rain came down in buckets.

Luckily we got most of the hay we cut baled, whats left will likely be round baled and used for pig bedding.  Moral of the story, we need to purchase our own equipment preferably newer machinery.


The cattle are looking great!  This week we turned them out in a 20 acres paddock.  This allowed us to spend more time on hay.

A cow that was open in the fall, and was scheduled for butcher dropped a calf midweek.  I noticed she looked pregnant about a month ago.  I’m not sure how or who got her pregnant.  She had a beautiful vibrant heifer calf.

The twins are looking great, as well.

Pasture Raised Meat Chickens

Batch 2 made it to pasture Thursday morning at 4 weeks of age.  They are Cornish Cross chickens, they will grow to full size in about 8 weeks time



Pasture Raised Pork:  This week we are fully stocked with pork, stop by this weekend to stock up.  Chops, sausage, roasts, ribs and much more.

CSA Openings:  In August we have 2 openings for new CSA members.  Each month we prepare a selection of our pasture raised meats for our CSA members.  You can pick up at the farm, or we can deliver right to your door.  Order a CSA for your family today!

Half and Whole Pig Prebuys:    We are offering a few pigs for prebuy.  Order now for a 15% discount, pigs will go to butcher this fall.

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