Don’t forget its Farmer Friday, this weeks featured question will receive a free pound of bacon.  Ask away!!!

I found it hard to find another picture of me on the farm to use for Farmer Friday, so I recycled an old one.  Lambing season will be upon us in a few weeks so I suppose it is fitting.  While looking through pictures I noticed that I was being very selective.  Well more careful, thinking to myself how some of the not so nice people in the world would read into a picture to say it was unsafe, or other worse things.  I really hate to think that way.  Its a shame that we live in a free country, yet have to worry about all the little things that we do, offending someone, or causing someone to make a phone call simply because they don’t understand, or don’t agree with my approach.

Anyhow, as I looked through pictures, I also noticed life and time my beautiful bride has put into the farm.  I found a picture of me and the boys in Lake Champlain, you could say it was a mini vacation, and in many ways it was.  More so it was a trip to pick up a truck load of cattle, the family tagged along so that we could spend some time together.  Much of our family time is spent that way.

Spring is getting close, just a few days away.  I am very excited for this growing season, we are just about ready to start fencing in 35 acres of woods for the animals, meat chicks are ordered.  Its a wonderful time of year.

Farmer Friday:

This weeks featured question an free chicken goes to Amber L.  Kelly G. is also going to receive a free chicken, as she answered the question.

Amber L:  Mike and I were driving on rt 67 today and my question of the day is where the hell are you located??!!lol and my second weird question is do you see lots of snakes in the fields?

Kelly G:  He’s on west Glenville road- not far from you amber!!! I took the kids up there last fall and josh walked us all around- we got to see a brand new baby calf- a ton of baby piggies and loads of baby chicks!!!! I can’t wait to bring the kids back to see the horses and all of their new animals!!! (No snakes that I saw tho!)

Joshua:  The farm store is located at 2884 West Glenville Rd technically in West Glenville, but we have a West Charlton zip code.  We do have snakes at the farm, I have seen many mostly garter snakes, however I have seen a couple others.  Last summer we saw a large colorful snake slither across the road in front of the tractor, it was to far away to see exactly what it was.  It was possibly  Northern Water Snake, or a Milk Snake.  NYS DEC Snakes of NY


In late March we have a beef going to the abattoir a side is available, cost will be around $1,600-$1,800.  You can find more information on purchasing beef in bulk here.

Farm Store: 

The Farm Store will be open our normal hours this weekend, how do our hours work for you?   Would you like us to make any changes to them?

Saturday 10-2

Sunday 1-4

Easter Special:

Purchase a smoked ham 4 pounds or larger and receive a FREE pasture raised chicken of equal size (value $25-35).  Hams range in size from 3-9 pounds.  We have smoked nitrate free, fresh, and smoked with nitrates.  Smoked hams are $8.50 per pound, Fresh $7.50 per pound.