Settling In

We are just about finished settling in at our new farm and home.  The last few months have been a great adventure, its good to have them behind us.

Moving from a 3,500 sf home down to 1,200 took a bit of purging, and it feels great.  There are some great advantages to a smaller home.  We can keep the house about 70 degrees with our wood stoves, the kids can’t hide as easily, and its much easier to keep clean.

The Farm

The new farm has amazing views each way you turn, over 100 acres out our back door, with an additional 200 acres of leases adjacent to the main farm.

The animals are all settled in as well!  Our pigs know where home is and are roaming around in the barn yard, a few more weeks and they will be out on pasture again.  We are taking baby steps to avoid meeting the neighbors due to a pig in their yard.  Chickens are calling a barn home for the winter, each day they explore the pastures looking for seeds in the cattle’s hay.

Our cattle are out on pasture, still grazing for about 50% of their diet.  Many of the fields still have green grass within the stock pile.  We might make it to 11 months of grazing this year.

Local Farms Fund

We’ve been working very closely with Local Farms Fund, who will be purchasing our new farm, and leasing it to us for 20 years.  After 5 years we have the right to buy!

Local Farms Fund is accepting a couple more investors for this project.  You can learn more in this post, directly on their website, or by emailing Kevin Egolf the fund co-founder/manager

Grass-fed Beef Available

Purchasing a side, or split side of our grass-fed beef is a great way to fill your freezer, at an economical price.

Order today we have a side and a split side available next week.  Order today, and we can have it cut to your specifications early next week, for pick up by weeks end.

100% Grass-fed Side of Beef
Available February 1
Butchered how you’d like
Hanging Weight 132 pounds
Approximately 80 pounds of cuts
Price includes butchering

Side of Beef


100% Grass-fed Side of Beef
Available February 1
Butchered how you’d likeHanging Weight 265 pounds
Approximately 160 pounds of cuts
Price includes butchering