Farm Store Will be open only Sunday 9-1 this weekend.  I hope to see you there.

We are enjoying our second summer.  The last couple of weeks have been more like July or August than September, other than the short days that is.  We’ve been cutting away at our hay.  Still a bunch to go but we are gaining ground.  This morning we were offered several more hay fields that we will also cut in the coming week.

Each day I’ve this week I’ve spent several hours with our cattle and pigs, looking through the herds and planning for the future.  It’s calming to sit and watch the animals graze.


Last weekend we brought in a beautiful bull with WYE Angus genetics, he will be hanging out with our cows for a few months.  Come June we will get a chance to see a bunch of his calves on the ground.  I’m excited to see what great grass-fed genetics do when added to our cows. 

The bull was bred for well marbled meat, fast growth, and great mothers.


The pig herd is looking pretty good, I think we have 5-6 litters of piglets that will arrive in the coming weeks.  Our boars will be pulled very soon to avoid cold weather piglets.

Over the last couple weeks our pigs have been in our orchard, enjoying the apples that drop from the trees.  Next week they will move to another farm for several weeks to enjoy some fresh paddocks that haven’t been grazed since early spring.  They will return to the orchard in a month or so to clean up the drops.  Apple finished pork anyone?


Our laying hens are still laying strong despite the shorter days.

54 Broiler chickens when to the processor this week, they averaged around 5 pound each.  This is our goal weight, we raised them for a couple weeks longer that I’d like to reach this weight. 


Side of 100% Grass-fed Beef

We have a  smaller steer going to market on Monday both sides are available.  Order now

Fresh Chicken

We have a hand full of fresh chickens available $5.00 per pound.  We will freeze them on Sunday.