Farmer Friday

Summer is finally here with some wonderful sunny weather.  The fields are drying out and the grass is growing.  The last couple of weeks have had me running quite a bit. 

The cattle have escaped a couple of times, once when a deer tore down the fence, half of the herd took a 3 mile stroll through the woods, back towards a leased farm.  I ran behind them for about a mile of it.  Wednesday as we loaded the other half, 2 heifers got startled, and ran off.  They took a nice leisurely 3 mile walk to our main farm, last night they were sighted, I drove them at a brisk run in and out of the woods.  I’m a bit scratched up, but they are home safe.

Toruk took a run after a predator, which landed him at the pound for a little over a day, it took a while to find him.  He is home safe and sound.

I’ve also been running in my truck for grain, to the abattoir to drop off pigs, and cattle, and to pick up meat.  I even ran for 200 new meat chicks just yesterday.

All in all the farm is doing great!  Meat is selling quicker than we can raise it.


Fresh Pasture Raised Chicken:  Next Wednesday our first batch will be processed.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will offer a few fresh before freezing them.  Email to reserve yours

Pasture Raised Pork:  This week we are fully stocked with pork, stop by this weekend to stock up.  Chops, sausage, roasts, ribs and much more.

CSA Openings:  In July and August we have 5 openings for new CSA members.  Each month our CSA members get a selection of pasture raised meats.  You can pick up at the farm, or we can deliver right to your door.  Order a CSA for your family today!

Half and Whole Pig Prebuys:    We are offering a few pigs for prebuy.  Order now for a 15% discount, pigs will go to butcher this fall.


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