Return-Of-The-HorsesRomeo and Sydney are ready to accept visitors!  It is great to have our horses back, they are starting to settle in and get back to life on the farm.  Its been a complicated week, retraining the horses to stand in their stalls, lead, and working with Romeo in harness have been challenging, but it is definitely rewarding as well.  Our colt is learning quickly, he stood great for the farrier on Thursday, and is learning to lead.  He is very eager to please, I think he will make an excellent driving horse once he matures.

As a way to show our thanks Romeo and Sydney will be at the farm store from 10-2 tomorrow, and 1-4 Sunday.  Stop by to meet them, we will also have some great meat specials this weekend.

100% Grass-fed Ground Beef 16 pounds of $98 (that is 2 free pounds)

15% off all other meats

CSAs paid in full are 10% off this weekend.

Half pig pre-buys $495 (delivery in the first quarter of 2016)

Whole pig pre-buys $900 (delivery in the first quarter of 2016)

Please stop in to say hello!

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton, NY 12010