West Wind Acres believes in challenging the status quo in everything that we do.  We do this many ways with our herd of grass-fed beef.

From the StartNewborn Calf

Calves should be born into lush green pastures, after their mothers have been grazing on the fresh spring grass for a few weeks.  They come into this world around time wild fawns are born.  It a little warmer, and the grass is full of energy.

Our cattle are fed the best grass, and hay everyday of their lives.  We handle our cattle gently using low stress techniques.  This helps them to grow everyday, and never use their fat reserves, as this is their future marbling.

Grass-fed Cattle at West Wind Acres rotated to a fresh paddock of green grass at least once per day.  This ensures the cattle are always eating the best quality grass.



Energy is held in the top 1/3 of the grass, protein below, and fiber in the brown dying grass, we chase energy.  Through planned rotations, the cattle are consuming the best grass, we are able to maintain their PH near neutral so that they can grow swiftly, and utilize the vitamins and minerals that are in the grass they eat.  We also offer our cattle access to a 18 compartment mineral feeder, so they can nibble on any vitamins or minerals that the pastures might be deficient in.

Low Stress

We handle our cattle with low stress techniques, this keeps them calm, and easy to handle.

We never fed corn, or other grains, and never use hormones, or antibiotics on any animal that will be used for meat.

Grass-fed Cattle

Cattle from West Wind Acres produce tender, juicy, beef with great marbling, and amazing flavors.  Would you like to buy some?