Grass-fed Beef

West Wind Acres believes in challenging the status quo in everything that we do.  We do this many ways with our herd of cattle.  As a result our cattle produce  juicy, tender, grass-fed beef with amazing flavors for our customers.  Want to buy some?

Purchasing in bulk is the least expensive way to enjoy our beef all year long.  We sell whole beeves, sides, and split sides.  Let me tell you a little about the process.

How much Beef do you need?

The average American consumes approximately 67 pounds of beef per year.

How much freezer space?

A side of beef requires 8-10 cubic feet of space.  Chest freezers are a little easier to load tightly than uprights, so you might want to figure a little bit more space for an upright.

How the process works:

The farmer determines that a beeve is finished and ready to slaughter, schedules an appointment at an abattoir, and finds a buyer for the beef.  At West Wind Acres we aim for a live weight of 1100-1200 pounds.

The animal is loaded into a trailer and taken to the abattoir the morning of the appointment.  After the animal is slaughtered, the internal organs, head, hide and feet are removed, and a hot hanging weight is taken.  Next carcass is then inspected and stamped by a USDA inspector, and then hung in a large cooler to age.

At some point in the process the farmer or butcher walk the customer through cut instructions.

Once the carcass has aged for 10-28 days the butcher will cut the meat, and wrap in vacuum seal packages, and then flash freeze.

How much will the beef cost per pound?

Approximate totals

Whole beef: $3,195.00 or $7.35 per pound of cuts
Side of beef: $1,680.00 or $7.75 per pound of cuts

Our butcher cuts the beef to our customers specifications.  We will walk you through the cut instructions step by step.

Calculating the cost

Bulk beef is sold based on hanging weight + butcher fees.

Whole:  $3.75/lb plus butcher fees (approx $720)
Half:  $4.00/lb plus butcher fees (approx $360)
Split Side:  $4.50/lb plus butcher fees (approx $180)

Live weight x 60% = Hot hanging weight        1100 pounds x 60% = 660lbs

Hot hanging x 66%  =  Dressed weight           660 x 66% = 435 lbs

Dressed weight is the weight of cuts that you receive.   This is approximate each carcass is different, and your cut instructions will change the yield (bone in vs boneless)

Cost for half:  660lbs/2 = 330lbs for half x $4.00 = $1,3200 plus butcher fees $360 = $1,680

 What cuts will you get?

While each beef is different as is each butcher, and customer preferences here is an idea of cuts from one of our cattle

Side of Beef  
Hanging Weight 610
Chuck Roast 11.06
Ribeyes 10.93
Filet Mignon 1.22
T-Bones 7.87
Porterhouse 3.61
Sirloin Steak 6.8
Sirloin Tip Steak 5.22
Short Ribs 11.16
Stew meat 5.51
Skirt Steak 0.69
Hangar Steak 0.8
Flank Steak 0.97
Flat Iron 0.86
London Broil 6.84
Shanks 8.21
Marrow Bones 3.03
Brisket 6.29
Eye Round Steak 3.36
Suet 2.91
Soup Bones 10.5
Shoulder Roast 3.32
Ground, 1 lbers 85.37
Total Cuts  196.53

Beef terms explained, here are some definitions for clarity

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