West Wind Acres has been very fortunate to have a wonderful base of great customers, that is ever growing.  Our customer base is growing right in check with the growth of our farm, and the meat supply that we have on hand.  Almost every month this year we have sold out of beef.  We would like to change that while helping 2 other small farms.

Currently I have an opportunity to help 2 separate farms reduce their cattle herds, which would in turn help West Wind Acres grow our herd so that we can supply more people with our great meats, and also give us the opportunity to keep a little more in stock.

First I will tell you a little about the farms, both farms are grass-fed and the animals are rotationally grazed much like West Wind Acres.  I have learned side by side with the owners of both farms

Farm 1:

The first farm is very local to us, over the winter the owner passed away, leaving his family with a huge farm, and lots of responsibility, they are lucky enough to have some really amazing neighbor who have helped care for the farm, and to disperse the herd of hogs, and now sell off the cattle herd.  Currently the cattle price at auction is very low, if the herd was brought there the widow, and family don’t stand to make much money after expenses.  Next week the sale of the house and farm will close and the cattle could end up at auction.  The herd consists of some really amazing animals including 7 calves, and 4-6 cows that would make great additions to West Wind Acres.

We have a great opportunity to help this family, sell off their herd of cattle, so they can work towards a new normal, and get their lives back.

Farm 2:

The second farm has had some major management changes, and is looking to sell off about 1/3 of there herd.  This is also a very nice herd, including several calves, a few market steers, and possible a couple of brood cows.

By helping this farmer sell reduce their herd size and get a fair price, they will remain a sustainable local farm, without the financial strain of taking a loss on the animals.  The farm will be much more manageable as we come into winter.

Get in on the action!

We would like to help both farms, while increasing the size our herd, by purchasing their cattle for a fair price, we need your help to do this.

To help raise the capital to purchase these cattle we are offering pre sales on beef and pork at a 5% discount.  We are also offering a 13th month free on any CSA purchased and paid in full by September 31 2016.  Everyone who purchases a CSA or pre orders bulk meat will also receive a private tour of West Wind Acres for up to 10 people.

CSAs purchased in September will start in November.

Pre-sale pork and beef will be available in 2017, specify pre-sale when you order.  Discount and actual invoice will be compiled, at meat pick up, based on actual hanging weight, and butcher fees.

Quarter Beef

Half Beef

Whole Beef

Half Pig

Whole Pig

Single Mixed CSA

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Family Mixed CSA

Farm store:  OPEN Saturdays and Sundays 9-1

The farm store is open with fall hours.  This week our freezers are full of amazing pork products.  We have a great selection of sausages, 2″ and 1″ chops, country ribs, spare ribs, hams, roast, bacon, and much much more.  I hope to see you here