Not For Everyone

That right West Wind Acres is Not For Everyone!  For starters not everyone eats meat, dig a little deeper and most people don’t care about the quality of what they put into their bodies and feed their families, or where their meat comes from, a little deeper and most don’t care how the animals were treated or what they were fed.

West Wind Acres is for people who make a difference to the local economy, care what they eat, what to know where and how their food was raised, and want a relationship with their farmer.  Most of all the want nutrient dense, sustainably grown local meats, that also taste great!

We challenge the status quo in all that we do.  Raising animals on pasture, with little or no stress.  That consume the best grasses and feeds, natural feeds that their bodies were designed to eat.  Each morning our 100% grass-fed cattle are moved to fresh pasture.  Meat chickens are also moved daily.  We believe fresh new pastures, produce the healthiest animals, and in turn the best meats.  Want to buy some?


Home Delivery

So if West Wind Acres is for you, its time to buy some of our products.

Late next week and early the following we are delivering our tasty meats your homes and businesses throughout the Greater Capital District.  Place your order today.

Farm Store

By Appointment call or text Josh to schedule a time to purchase meats at the farm!

Farmer Friday

Summer has been great at West Wind Acres.  We have been very busy setting up our new farm, making hay, and caring for our animals.  It’s a great feeling to be in our new home, the kids absolutely love it here. Its amazing to look out the windows of our new home, at the beautiful views.

Over the last couple of weeks lots of new animals have joined our herds and flocks.

Our meat chicken flocks are at an all time high with over 1,200 birds at different stages.  Throughout the rest of the year we will be offering boneless breast, thighs, wings, drumsticks and more.

Five litters of piglets have joined the farm as well, with several more sows very close to farrowing.  The piglets are growing quickly as is our herd. At one point we had over 200 pigs, currently our herd is around 50.  Who wants to guess how large we will grow the herd?

About a week ago our second group of cattle started calving with 8 new calves.  In late July our bulls will join a select group of ladies to start breeding season.

Next week the turkey poults arrive, and take over the brooder for 6-8 weeks.  Have you ordered your Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkey yet?  There are a limited quantity still available this year.

Hay season is in full swing, we cut some more each time the weather allows.  This week we finished up our first cutting here in Knox. We have baled a third of our winter hay need.  More to come very soon.