National CSA Sign-up Day

CSA:  Community Supported Agriculture, consumers order their food (meat, and or vegetables) upfront for a specified amount of time.  Typically CSAs are paid up front, this helps farmers to offer a lower price to their CSA members, helps them to plan how much to grow or raise.  Consumers receive great local food, get to know their farmers, and how their food is raised, and are helping a local business thrive.

If you aren’t already a member take a look at our CSA Subscriptions today.  Sign up today and you will get a special surprise.  You can find more information, and order HERE  


What a beautiful early spring week we’ve had.  Its 65 degrees as I write, I have the windows and doors open wide.  Much of our snow has melted, and mud season is upon us.  Its a bit of a challenge, we are holding our own though.  Hopefully we will get a little breeze to help dry out the fields.

Wednesday we took 3 beef heifers to the butcher.  We have a couple of sides of beef, or split sides available, if you’re interested let us know. 

Monday 4 pigs will be headed to the butcher as well, pork will be back in-stock again soon.

Farm Store

Open 9-1 Saturday and Sunday

We have a great supply of Grass-fed beef and lamb this weekend.  Including Ribeyes, NY Strip, filet Mignon, T-bone, Porterhouse, hamburger patties, ground beef and much more.


Our first litter of piglets arrived a few days ago.  Two more will arrive in the next few days.  We are expecting around 30 litters to be born throughout the next 2-3 months. 

Piglet orders are being excepted $125 each (min 2) buy 4 or more at $100 each. 


Two of our heifers will calf in the next couple of days.  The rest of the herd are due from April 1-June 1.  We expect around 20 calves this year.


I often use terms in our posts that many people don’t understand.  This morning a customer asked if farrowing meant delivering.  It indeed does, each species of animals has a different term to describe their birthing.  Cows “calve”, pigs “farrow”, goats “kid”, sheep “lamb”, chicks “hatch”.