We believe that everyone should enjoy pasture raised meats, they have more vitamins and minerals, less fat, fewer calories.  They just happen to taste amazing as well!

Act now and receive the 13th month free!

West Wind Acres raises 100% Grass-fed Beef and Lamb, along with Pastured Chicken and Pork that are supplemented with non-gmo grains.  We use rotational grazing practices to maximize animal health, and the impact that we have on our pastures, and wood lots.  Meat from our animals is nutrient dense, firm, juicy, and full of amazing flavor!

You and your family can enjoy West Wind Acres pasture raised meats 12 months a year with a Subscription to our Meat CSAs.  We have many different options to fit your needs.  For the best value you can pay in advance, however we offer payment plans for added convenience!

Every month you can pick your CSA up at the farm store, or a drop point which are located in:  Athens, Delmar, Troy, Rensselaer, Loudonville, Clifton Park, Malta, Milton, Saratoga Springs, and Glenville.

For mor information email us at info@westwindacres.com


Mixed Single Size: 10 lbs/ month 12 months from West Wind Acres 

Mixed Regular Size: 20 lbs/ month 12 Months from West Wind Acres

Mixed Family Size: 40 lbs/ month 12 Months from West Wind Acres