West Wind Acres challenges the status quo in all that we do.  We challenge the status quo, by raising our animals on pasture and wood lots as nature intended.  We also challenge the status quo in many other ways, provide our customers with the best possible meat, from animals that are fed real food, the foods that their bodies are designed for.

West Wind Acres works with a handful of other small farms, who raise animals using methods similar to ours.  These farmers do a wonderful job raising their animals, growing hay, and grains for us.  To challenge the status quo, when we purchase from them, we don’t watch the commodity markets, and pay what they could bring at auction, or what the hay or grain is worth this season on the commodities markets.  We pay them for the value of what they have produced, the value that will be passed on to our customers.

This is important for our customers to know, when you purchase from West Wind Acres, you are also purchasing from other local farmers, and businesses who are doing a great job and being paid the value they create.

Commodity Market is Low

This year cattle, hay, and grains are all trading on the commodities market very low.  I typically don’t follow the markets, as I don’t run any part of our business based on them, but many of our partners do.  Farmers will be lucky to breakeven when selling animals at auction, and their grains aren’t worth much either.

Its not right to watch farmers who bust their asses everyday of the year sell their product at market value, in lieu of real value.  We don’t allow our partners to do this.

More Options

I want to see new butcher shops and slaughter houses pop up that offer amazing services to small farms, shops that offer great products, and many artisinal meats.  I want these businesses to thrive, and offer our community a great supply of healthy meat choices.

In like a Lion, out like a………………………..

West Wind Acres is very fortunate to have a wonderful base of great customers, that is ever growing.  Our customer base is growing right in check with the growth of our farm, and the meat supply that we have on hand, often even faster.

We came into 2016 with a bang, we are going to go out that way as well.  We are going to continue helping other small NY Farms, so that even more pasture raised meats come from our area.

West Wind Acres is continuing expand, and offer our customers even more value, more options, and greater service.

Great Values $$

West Wind Acres is continuing to expand!  Want to purchase some pasture raised meats?

To help raise the capital to expand we are offering pre-sales on beef and pork at a 15% discount.  Discount will be applies to the final price at time of pick up based on amount paid in advance.  EX:( Side of Beef $1500-1800 depending on weight, pay $1,500 up front.  At time of pick up 15% $275 will be taken off of final bill based on actual weight, and butcher fees)

We are also offering a 13th month free on any CSA purchased and paid in full by December 31, 2016.  Everyone who purchases a CSA or pre orders bulk meat will also receive a private tour of West Wind Acres for up to 10 people.

Pre-sale pork and beef will be available in 2017, specify pre-sale when you order.

100% Grass-fed Beef

Split Side of Beef (1/4)

Side of Beef

Whole Beef

100% Grass-fed Lamb

Half Lamb

Whole Lamb

Pasture Raised NON-GMO Fed Pork

Half Pig

Whole Pig

13 Month Pasture Raised Meat Subscription (CSA)

10 Pound Mixed CSA

20 Pound Mixed CSA

40 Pound Mixed CSA

Farm store:  OPEN Saturdays and Sundays 9-1

The farm store is open with fall hours.  This week our freezers are full of amazing pork products.  We have a great selection of sausages, 2″ and 1″ chops, country ribs, spare ribs, hams, roast, bacon, and much much more.  I hope to see you here