New Born Calves

14 AprKicked!!

Farmer Friday

It’s been a great week!  I was kicked by a bovine yesterday morning, more about that later!

Serving up West Wind Acres Grass-fed Beef

Last weekend our meats were featured at two local restaurants, the Cock n’ Bull in Galway, and 9 Miles East Pop-up Restaurant at Saratoga Apple.


9 Miles East Farm sold amazing burgers using our ground beef on Friday we served 80 burgers in two and a half hours selling out, on Saturday we sold out in an hour and a half. Each weekend in April 9 Miles East will be featuring a different dish at their pop-up, this Friday and Saturday is Risotto.  I had a chance to try a Risotto from their farm last fall, it was amazing.  Saratoga Apple  1174 Route 29, Schuylerville, New York 12871

The Cock n’ Bull had similar success, they made an amazing dish using our beef shanks, also selling out.  This weekend they will be cooking up a similar dish, I hope to make it over to give it a try.  Cock ‘n Bull 5342 Parkis Mills Rd.Galway, NY 12074


Early Monday morning while checking the cattle I noticed a cow in labor, she seemed to be having a little difficulty, so the boys and I hung out to watch.  After a little while a single leg appeared, I realized I was likely going to have to assist, we gathered supplies and headed back to the pasture.  As labor progressed it became evident that the calf was breech(coming out backwards).  I started to get  little anxious because the cow wouldn’t let me get close enough to help.  Eventually she layed down, and let me pull the calf out.  A little heifer calf arrived nice and healthy, and hasn’t left moms side since.

It was a busy week for new calves!  I’ve had to assist with 3 births, unfortunately one I wasn’t able to save we lost the heifer and her calf.  This is one of the hardest things to deal with on a farm, raising and caring for an animal and watching her slip away.

Yesterday while checking cattle there were two calves each in their own corner of the pasture away from the herd.  I woke them and tried to push them towards the herd.  One calf bellowed to her mom, and then kicked me in the leg.  The feisty little calf kicked me thinking I was a predator, it was great to see.  Simultaneously the herd came running to “save her”.  It’s great to see that our herd is developing the skills to survive, as we have many predators on our farms.

Laying Hens

I picked up our new flock of hens Wednesday morning.  They are now acclimating to their mobile coop.  An hour before dark on Saturday, I’ll let them out for the first time.  This keeps them from wondering to far.  The majority of the hens will fly back into the coop, I’m sure I’ll need to catch a few.  On Sunday I will let them out slightly earlier in the day.  This will go on until I let them out in the wee hours of the morning.

This year we are offering egg shares. 

Regular Share 40-50 dozen eggs throughout the year $200 per year

Half Share 20-25 dozen eggs throughout the year $120 per year


Farm Store:

Grass-fed beef:  our beef supply is also pretty good going into this weekend.  We have a few t-bones, ribeyes, sirloins, london broils, a couple beautiful rib roasts, and hamburger patties.

Stop in 9-1 Saturday and Sunday

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton, NY 12010