Everything we do we challenge the status quo.  We look to what is important. We farm to benefit the earththe animals, and our customers.  In doing this we just happen to make amazingly juicy, tender, and flavorful meats. 
Your body is worth the investment!  Meats from pasture raised animals are leaner, tastier, and more nutritious.  West Wind Acres supplies 100% Grass-fed beef and lambpasture raised chicken, and pork supplemented with non-gmo grains. Want to invest in some?  Your body will thank you! 

Farmer Friday: 

What do you want to know about our farm? Ask away! 
It’s finally happened!  The grass is starting to grow faster than our herds are eating.  This spring our grass didn’t want to grow. We were out of hay and I needed to start pasture rotations on April 15, as we have planned and followed through with for the last several years.  Due to cool weather, a lack of rain and insufficient rest times our grass grew very slowly. 
During April and May our main herd of cattle was rotated through the farm with a very light density to help the grass grow.  Unfortunately that also meant that they were covering a ton of ground. We started at 7 acres per day, gradually reduced to 5 acres and then 3 acres.  I am happy to say, yesterday the cattle were moved to a paddock 30 paces X 80 paces, 16,380 square feet, or .376 acres.  I estimate the herd weight at around 25,000 pounds, which puts our herd density at 66,500 pounds per acre.  Within the next week or two I will get that figure to 1,000,000 pounds per acre for maximum impact on the soil.  The trick will be moving them enough times in the day to maximize their health. 
Haying season is just about to start and looks like we are up to about 90 acres of hay fields for this season.  We will be able to produce all of the hay that the animals will require this winter and have the opportunity to sell some as well. 
This week I picked up an old John Deere seeder. We are going to start planting some paddocks for the pigs to graze.  Non-gmo field peas and oats will be planted on 3-5 acres next week.  I also purchased barley seed which I plan to plant around the spring and pond. Barley straw is known to prevent algae blooms and the grains can be grazed by our pigs and chickens. 
Next Wednesday I have the great opportunity to meet an amazing farmer and grazier from South Africa, Ian Mitchell-Innes.  Many of my mentors in pasture farming have learned from Ian directly.  It will be an incredible experience to spend the day in an intensive program learning even more from Ian in person. 

Parade Review:

Our amazing volunteers

Our amazing volunteers

Last Sunday West Wind Acres, along with our Horses Romeo, Juliet, Winter Soldier, and Sydney and some amazing volunteers walked in our first ever parade – The Charlton Founders Day Parade. Despite the rain starting along with the parade, we had an amazing experience. 
Our colt, Winter Soldier, is turning into a rock solid horse. Umbrellas, balloons, sirens, lights and gun shots didn’t bother him one bit. He remained calm and walked like a true gentleman for the whole parade. 
Romeo was an angel as well and he was kind enough to breath down Dylan’s neck for most of the parade, keeping him nice and warm. 
Juliet was exceptional as well, although she was a little more excited and didn’t appreciate the gun shots. However, Jaime remained calm and kept Juliet on task. 
Sydney is just a little ball of fluff and walked like a champ. 
Thank you to all of the people that helped make the parade possible: Ashley, Becka, Jaime, Dylan, Dillan, and Diane (let us borrow sashed and halters.)  A huge thank you to Michelle who helped work the horses to make sure they would be ready prior to the parade and also walked Winter in the parade. 
Following the parade we announced our colts name, Winter Soldier! 

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