In Full Swing

Spring finally arrived after a long winter, less than 3 weeks ago 3-4 inches of snow fell.  Now the grass is growing and the farm is in full swing.  More exciting information below……

Farm Stand

Stop by for some great meat this weekend Saturday and Sunday 9-1

144 Beebe Rd

Knox, NY 12023


Last week we sold through a whole steer, piece by piece we filled CSAs and individual orders.  In stock for this weekend we have ground beef, hamburger patties.  A nice brisket or two, and a few nice steaks.

We are pre-selling bulk Ground Beef and Hamburger Patties 10, 15, and 20 pound packages are available.

Chicken Cuts

Starting next week chicken cuts will be available including, boneless breast, thighs, drumsticks, soup parts, and wings.  They will go fast so email your orders soon

Eggs Shares

The new flock of laying hens started leaving us eggs each day.  With the additional eggs more Egg Shares are available.  For $200 you’ll recieve 45 dozen eggs over the course of about a year.  Home delivery is available throughout the Greater Capital District for $60 per year (no additional cost to add to your meat deliveries)

CSA Subscriptions

With our expanded farm we are able to offer a few more CSA Shares.  CSA Shares are available in 10, 20, and 40 pound packages.  We offer mixed meat shares that include a variety of chicken, pork, and beef.  Custom options are also available with just chicken, pork or beef.  Sign up today!!


Now that the growing season is in full swing our cattle have been divided into three groups, that are rotationally grazing throughout the farm.  At our home farm we have a group of cows and heifers along with a few calves, more are on the way soon.  About a half mile North we a large group of young stock is grazing on across about 100 acres, and to the South a group of bulls and steers are enjoying a small farm.

They are still being rotated in large paddocks to allow the grass to grow, with in the next week or so they will transition to smaller paddocks to allow more recovery time, and to increase our impact on the pastures.


Our poultry flocks have hit an all time high, as I write this the next batch of broiler chicks are keeping my company chirping away.  In the fields and brooders 900 meat chickens at different ages are being cared for.

A batch of new laying pullets are growing in our hay barn, just about large enough to move to pasture by the end of July they will start to lay.  Our hens are roaming the farm, as they wait for a new mobile coop to be built.  Next Friday an additional group of ready to lay pullets will join the flock.

We’ve staggered the groups of hens so that we can offer eggs all year long.  They will winter in our green house, where they can stay a bit warmer during the cold season.

Our second range pen will hit the pastures today, 200 meat chickens will transition to pasture as well.


Our pigs are growing nicely.   A couple were sent to market this week, I’m anxious to get some bacon and chops in to our freezers in about 2 week.

We expect several more litters of piglets to arrive starting in just a few weeks.  With a little luck they will be born in a nice tight group, allowing us to rotate them throughout the farm together.

In 6-8 months the pork shortage will be over!!


Winter, Romeo and Juliet had their spring manicure on Wednesday Daniel our Amish Farrier spend a little time with them shining up their hooves.

Winter will be starting training in the next week.  Romeo is going back to work as well, twice each day he will be pulling our poultry pens to fresh grass.   He will also help pull cattle minerals around the farm, this will keep the tractors off the pasture, minimizing compaction, and ruts.

Meet the Farmer

June 10th from 10 am – 2 pm West Wind Acres will be opening our pastures for tours.  Save the date, come see how your food is raised.

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