Farm update: 

It was a great week at West Wind Acres.

Our first greenhouse is erected with a temporary cover.  I have decided on the final design and will be finishing it up this coming week.
Three more litters of piglets were born this week, one of the litters was very small with only 3 piglets.  I watched one of the sows make her nest, watch for a blog with pictures and video in the coming week or so.
Breeding season started for the sheep yesterday.  We should start to see new lambs around April 15th of next year.
We have 2 lambs still available, they will be going to slaughter sometime before the end of the year.  They are available in half and whole on our website.
Special of the week and Meat Sales:
This week the last of our broiler chickens were processed.  To celebrate the end of the growing season, we are offering 25% off chicken for the weekend.  They are available fresh and frozen through tomorrow.
Meat sales at our farm house from 10-2 Saturday and we have added Sunday Hours from 1-4- pm.

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