Great News

We have some great news, after several months of hard work and dedication between Sandy Gordon (previous owner), Local Farms Fund, and us Local Farms Fund closed on 144 Beebe Rd Friday afternoon!  We also signed our lease with Local Farms Fund on Friday.

A couple more transactions are planned for the coming weeks, everything is coming together nicely.

Celebration at Malcolm’s:

We broke bread with Sandy and Laura last night to celebrate the transition of the farm.  Sandy had cared for 144 Beebe Rd for quite some time, and he’s glad to be entering retirement.  Something tells me that he’ll be stopping by to visit from time to time.

We dined at Malcolm’s on Union Street in Schenectady, a restaurant that opened just two weeks ago.  They are featuring many items from local farmers.  Including local pork, chicken, and vegetables.  Later this spring you’ll be able to find our beef on the menu.

Nate Germain, the owner of Malcolm’s visited West Wind Acres over the winter, he’s had a chance to test some of our beef and chicken.  Apparently our beef was the best of all that his staff had tried.

Nate and his team prepared an amazing four plus course meal for us.  Each course was carefully prepared, and artfully presented.

I started with a Mixed Winter Salad, followed by Pork Belly with Apple Chutney, and Spanish Octopus.  For desert I enjoyed a very rich Chocolate Cake.

Stefanie chose to start with a Root Vegetable Salad, followed by Parsnip Soup, and Local Chicken

The Chef’s presented each course to our table, a great opportunity to learn about how they were prepared.  We also had the opportunity to taste, Mushroom Escargot, Bone Butter and Bread, Roasted Brussels, and Tuna Tartar.  I’m sure I’m missing a few other culinary delights that we sampled.

Each dish was amazing, our mouths were alive with flavors all evening.  We had a wonderful time visiting with Sandy and Laura off of the farm.  It’s a rare treat to have an evening with my beautiful bride, I loved every minute!

Poultry Update:

Brooder Complete

This year we plan to raise significantly more chickens.  We’ve increased our production on both laying hens and meat chicken.

To accomplish this without compromising our standards, we’ve upgraded our systems.  Starting with our brooder, we transformed our stock trailer into a brooder capable of raising batches of 300-400 chicks.  The brooder is equipped with infrared heaters, and an automatic nipple watering system, as well as larger feeders.  The chicks will still be checked on every 4-8 hours throughout the day.  Now we will only need to care for them once per day.

At 3-4 weeks of age they will head to the pasture.  Similar upgrades are planned for our pasture pens.  We are constructing new mobile range pens that will house 100-400 chickens each.  Each will have automatic water, and plenty of large feeders.  Daily moves will be less time consuming, the chickens will be safer from predators, all while being raised on pasture.


There are around 700 baby chicks between our 2 brooders, 300 meat chicks and 400 laying chicks.  You can hear the chirping hundreds of feet from the brooders.

Our first batch of broiler chickens of the year will be available in early May.  This year we plan to offer boneless breast and other cuts.


Last week a group of laying chicks arrived, and went straight into our brooder.  They will spend 4-6 weeks in the brooder before their life on pasture begins.  In 5-6 months they will start laying amazing eggs for our customers.

Additionally we purchased 250 ready to lay pullets that will arrive in April and May, and should start laying a few weeks later.  We are excited to have fresh pasture raised eggs again in the near future.

Our existing flock has just started laying again, we gave them the winter off, by not adding artificial light.  I’m pretty sure our dogs have been eating the eggs that they have been laying, before long they will be separated from the dogs by a fence.

Egg Shares:

This year we will be adding a limited number of egg shares, you can choose from a full or half share!  Pasture Raised eggs from free roaming hens not only taste amazing, but also offer great health benefits.

• 1/3 less cholesterol
• 1/4 less saturated fat
• 2/3 more vitamin A
• 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
• 3 times more vitamin E
• 7 times more beta carotene
Delivery to drop points once per month is available

Full Share will include 45 dozen eggs over the course of a year, a half share will include 22 dozen.

Spring Update

New life on our farm always accompanies the spring.  This week the first 3 calves of the year arrived, 1 heifer and 2 bull calves.

We have around 20 sows that are due to start farrowing very soon.  It looks like the first 3 litters will arrive within the week.

New Farm Store Hours

As we finish transitioning our farm and home from West Glenville the farm store will be open on Saturdays only for the next several weeks.  Once we move the store to our new farm we will increase our hours, including some weekday hours.

Visit us on Saturdays from 9-1

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton, NY 12010