The last few weeks have been unseasonably hot, I’ve found myself up a lot in the middle of the night, more than usual that is.  Typically my mind doesn’t rest much, but with the uncomfortable heat (we choose not to use AC) it was intensified.  Wednesday evening a cool front came through, and I slept wonderfully.  Old timers call this good sleeping weather.

Growing and Making Hay

The beautiful dry weather, has given us a great opportunity to get in some more hay.  Over the last week, I’ve cut, raked and baled about 30 acres.  Monday I’ll be cutting another 12 acres.

West Wind Acres is currently farming approximately 275 acres.  Over the last week or two we added 25 or so acres to our farm through hay leases.  The hay was late first cutting which had a lot of new/re growth.  Next year we will add spread some lime and have the opportunity to cut 2 or three cuttings on each of these farms.

Fall is going to be very busy around West Wind Acres as we prepare for the coming winter.  Driving by the farm you’ll see a lot of activity.  We have plenty of upgrades in store for 2018.


Grass-fed Beef

We currently have 2 smaller steers aging at the butcher, they will be cut later next week.  One side is available for roughly $900, order today.

Individual cuts will be available at our farm store next weekend, and for home delivery Sunday and Monday October 8-9

Pasture Raised Pork

As fall progresses our herd will be thinned for winter, and our freezers will soon be busting with everything pork.  Bacon, sausage, hams, beautiful chops and much much more.

Pasture Raised Chicken

Its been our best chicken year ever.  Over the next 5-6 weeks almost 1,000 broilers will be processed.  Pre-orders are great we can offer $.25 discount per pound on orders over 5 roasters.  Fresh chicken will be available each weekend starting October 14th.


This year we have raised a handful of heritage breed turkeys on pasture.  We have minimal availability order today $7/lb.