REVIEW: Please note that I live in Manhattan, and I have a variety of organic, free-range options. So, when I say that this was easily the best beef, pork, and chicken that I have had to date it is not just coming from some guy who wandered in from the street. It comes from an experienced chef and restaurateur who cares about everything that hits the plate right down to the garnish. I take my food sources very seriously and I can tell you this farm is the real deal and does so without any compromises on quality or flavor.

So far I have tried the pork chops, beef fillet, chicken (freedom rangers), and was also lucky enough to try the bacon. In my opinion, they were all spectacular.

By the book, I am limited to only 5 stars out of 5 but perhaps you will be kind enough to allow me to squeak in a 5+ because this farm is truly off the scale in terms of favor and quality. My advice is to put in your orders now and if you are lucky you might be able to taste the best. ~ Jeff A, New York City