West Wind Acres believes in challenging the status quo in all that we do.  We challenge the status quo with our chickens, by raising them on pasture, rotating to lush green grass each morning. 

Baby chicks start in a brooder, where we can control temperature, and drafts.  Around 3-4 weeks of age they move to pasture, fully feathered and hardy enough to thrive.

West Wind Acres always handles our animals with honor and respect as we know they will soon feed our wonderful customers.  Pasture, combined with great non-gmo feed, and low stress lives helps to create juicy, tender, chicken with amazing flavor.

You can now have our pasture raised chickens delivered right to your door.  Now available packages of 2 whole chickens at least 4 pounds each, delivered to your door within the Capital District for $50.00.

Would you like to buy some?  CLICK HERE

Available soon:  Breast, thighs, legs, wings, and soup parts.