First Calf

Calving season has started

07 AprFirst Calf

Farmer Friday

Yesterday right in the middle of the rain storm our first calf of the year was born.  A healthy bull calf was brought into the world.  He is also the heifers first calf, she is doing great as a mom.  The weather report said rain for the whole night so I blanketed him, to keep him warm and dry.  This morning he’s full of energy, bouncing around.

Many of our other cows and heifers are look like their calves will be arriving very soon.

Guest Waiter!!

What’s better than West Wind Acres Grass-fed Beef?

A big juicy West Wind Acres grass-fed beef burgers grilled over hardwood charcoal by 9 Miles East Farm, with soup, salads, and more. Served to you by Joshua Rockwood, who will be guest waiting at the pop-up restaurant Saratoga Apple
There may even be farm-made bun and savory umami ketchup involved.

The beef will be from West Wind Acres in Charlton. Good news if you like it: You’ll be able to sign up on the spot for a single delivery or ongoing meat subscription featuring high-quality grass-fed meat from a great local farm.

Food will be served 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights in a casual, family-friendly atmosphere, and the patio will open as soon as weather permits.  Saratoga Apple has a great selection of local beer and cider to accompany the food.

Saratoga Apple
1174 Route 29,
Schuylerville, New York 12871

Laying Hens

Next Wednesday our new flock of laying hens is going to arrive.  We purchased 250 ready to lay pullets.  A pullet is a female chicken that hasn’t yet laid an egg, and is under 1 year old.  With in a few weeks we will have fresh pasture raised eggs.

This year we are offering egg shares. 

Regular Share 40-50 dozen eggs throughout the year $200 per year

Half Share 20-25 dozen eggs throughout the year $120 per year


Farm Store:

Grass-fed beef:  our beef supply is also pretty good going into this weekend, we have a few t-bones, ribeyes, sirloins, london broils, a couple beautiful rib roasts, and hamburger patties.

Stop in 9-1 Saturday and Sunday

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton, NY 12010