Stefanie and I both enjoy traveling, each year we plan a vacation, as well as a few short business or personal trips.  This past week was a little different for us.  She went one way as I went the other.

Washington D.C.

Stefanie returned last night from a week long trip to Washington D.C.  She has been the Secretary/Treasurer of AVIR (Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers) National Board for a little over a year.  They held their annual convention in D.C., along with outgoing and incoming Board Meetings, networking events, and fundraisers.  Sleeping only a few hours each night, and working long very focused days, she’s a little exhausted.

I am very proud of her professional accomplishments in the last few months.  I am lucky to have her as my bride!

St. Louis

I had the amazing opportunity to fly down to St. Louis to meet my mentor Andy Frisella, CEO of 1st Phorm, and host of my favorite entrepreneurial podcast The MFCEO Project.  I’ve been listening to the podcast since it started about 2 years ago.  The first episode “The Power of Perspective”, helped me find the good during my court battle, and helped push me towards success.  Each episode has a life lesson, that when applied will help you to become a better CEO of your life, and get you one step closer to success.

I flew in along with 4 other winners, on Monday.  We had a great opportunity to get to know each other.  Vaughn Kohler, Andy’s Co-Host, spent the afternoon, and evening networking with us, and took us to an amazing dinner.  I found I could barely sleep, even though we got in pretty late.  Partly from the excitement of day, and the outlook of meeting Andy on Tuesday AM.  Tuesday morning arrived quickly, I woke at 4 am, stretched, meditated, and send out some emails.  I grabbed my headphones and headed to breakfast around 6:30.  As I enjoyed some sustenance I listened to The MFCEO’s latest episode, Change.

We arrived at 1st Phorm Headquarters at 10 am.  Andy greeted us, and spent the next Two Hours in his Board Room, discussing life, business, and moving towards greatness.  After a quick lunch, Andy and Vaughn decided to tape an episode of The Podcast.  Just before the podcast ended I had to leave to catch my flight.

It’s a true blessing to have spent the day at with Andy at 1st Phorm.  I had the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him for all that he has done for me, through his podcast.  I left St. Louis, with a ton of new ideas, ready to take on the world.  Thank you Andy for being so inspirational, and taking the time to educate the next generation of Entrepreneurs.

Farm Update

Piglets have been steadily arriving on the farm, every couple of weeks a new litter arrives.  The big baby boom will happen after April 1st when the sows can safely farrow in the fields or woods.

The cattle herd is looking good, they are ready for grass.  If things keep progressing as they have been we could start rotating by the middle of next week.  There is just enough grass to graze very quickly as long as we supplement with hay.  We will move them fast so they only take a few nibbles from each field

Chickens:  We have a flock of laying hens on order, they will arrive in mid April, and should start laying a few weeks later.  Meat chicks will start arriving in mid to late May.

Farm Store

We have some really amazing beef in stock this week.  I have a crock pot full of stew, that is making my mouth water.  I’m finding it hard to concentrate.

Pork will be back in stock next week

Check out our CSA Packages, they are a great way to provide your family with Grass-fed and Pasture Raised Meats all year.