Farmer Friday  Storm Prep

When the meteorologists warn that a snow storm might be coming farmers have to plan for the worst.

A lot goes into planning for a Storm

We  plan for a day where moving snow is added on top of caring for our herds and flocks.

Planning starts by moving equipment, tools to ease plowing.  Then we look to the animals, what can we do to make the storm easier on them?  Wind breaks, bedding, shelter, an abundance of food in different locations, and access to water.

Over the last couple of days, we moved hundreds of hay bales closer to the cattle.  We picked up grain for the chickens and pigs to get us through a whole week


We fed our three groups of cattle and horses enough hay for about 2 weeks.  There will likely be waste, but they will clean up most of it by spring, the rest will be fertilizer.

Pigs into smaller groups so they have better shelters, and are less likely to pile up on each other.  They’ve been over fed for several days to make sure their bellies start off full.

The tractors have been serviced and topped off with diesel to make sure we can plow.

We also brought in firewood and stacked a bunch as well, the temp could hit -45 with the wind chill here Sunday into Monday.

Tomorrow morning the animal will be fed again, in the afternoon as well.  That way there will be plenty of food in their feeders Sunday, so we can concentrate on snow removal, with minimal additional animal care being needed.

Once the Storm Arrives

Saturday night I’ll likely plow around 10-12 pm, and then sleep for a couple hours.  Sunday morning I’ll wake early and plow out our driveways, entrances to the cattle fields, and a few of our neighbors who could use a hand.  The animals will be watered, and food levels checked, before I head off to clear more snow.  As evening nears they will all be watered again, and checked on to make sure they are all good and warm.  Snow removal will likely last into the night.

Monday morning I’ll be back at it caring for the animals, and cleaning up snowdrifts.

For some crazy reason I really like winter storms!


Load up on meat tomorrow morning

Skip the long lines at the grocery store tomorrow. I’ll be around the farm all day Saturday if you’d like to swing by to stock up for the storm.  We have a great selection of chicken, pork, and beef.  Imagine walking in from shoveling snow to a nice beef roast!  Just send me a text before heading over 518-361-3167