Mother Nature has thrown a lot of different weather at us in the last week.  First a snow storm, followed by bitter cold and wind, then much warmer weather and rain storm.  A freezing rain storm topped off the week.  From the coldest -45 wind chill, to yesterdays balmy 44 degrees we almost hit a 90 degree temperature swing in just a few days.

Last Thursday Friday and Saturday we spent a great deal of time preparing the farm and animals for the incoming storm.  We moved around a hundred bales of hay, over fed the animal to ensure they were fed if the snow kept us from getting to them.

Stef’s Trip North

Saturday morning Stef and the boys headed north to spend some time with friends that were in town.  She planned to return after the snow had ended Sunday afternoon.  The driveway wasn’t plowed on Sunday, so they spent the night, the kids loved the extra time with their friends.


Tuesday and Wednesday I spent recovering from the snow storm and cold.  The morning was spent digging the farm back out of the snow after Mondays cold and wind, some areas had 4 foot snow drifts.   Once I could get to the animals again, we fed them even more food to ensure they were in top condition.

We planned to deliver CSA Shares on Wednesday, as I was loading the car, freezing rain started to fall.  I really didn’t want to reschedule.  In hindsight I’m glad I listened to my gut, as the roads were awful in the evening.

Meat Deliveries

On Thursday we delivered several hundred pound of meat Shares and customer orders over a 270 mile route.  It was a long day, but very worthwhile we love to feed our customers.

Today we spent the day feeding animals, picking up feed for chickens and dogs, and catching up on office work.

New Meat Sales Site

This morning we took a leap towards a much better customer experience, in the very near future we will be launching a new, more user friendly and easy to navigate site for our meat sales.  Keep your eyes open.

Sales From the Farm on Saturday

Tomorrow the farm store will be open by appointment until 3 pm.  Simple send me a text to let me know your headed over and your ETA so I make sure I’m close to the store.  We have a pretty good stock of chicken, beef, and pork.  Including Kielbasa, bratwurst, andouille, breakfast, and Italian sausages. Pork chops and roasts.  We also have ground beef, steaks, and roasts, and much more.