Farmer Friday

Good morning, fall is in the air.

Fall at West Wind Acres is a lively time, the pigs are foraging more than usual, as they pack on the pounds, and store fat to stay warm over the winter.  They are growing out their hair as well.  The cattle are starting to look a little more fluffy, as their sleek summer coat is taken over by an insulating longer coat.  All of the animals are busy getting ready for the cold, as is the farmer.

Lambs have been shipped off to butcher, pigs are being sorted, all but the best will be heading to slaughter as well.  The cattle have been preg checked, and weighed, the future of the herd is being planned out.

Sheep will start breeding season in a couple of weeks, new rams have been selected, and an old ram kept back to breed the older ewes.  The pigs will start to breed in a month or two, if I can keep the boys separate that long.

Winter shelters, and water sources are getting prepped.  As I also store firewood, hay, and grain for the long winter months.

Its a busy time of year, but very satisfying as well, the days get shorter, and I have more time to plan, organize, and get ready for another growth spurt next spring.

West Wind Acres currently has some great opportunities to fill your freezer for the winter.  Let us help you to stock up for the winter

Pasture Raised Pork

In November we will be bringing 8 pigs to the abattoir, several of them are still available in halves or wholes.  You can place your order online, we offer a discount if you pay in full up front.

Grass Fed Beef

The West Wind Acres cattle herd is growing, this week our vet came out to examine our herd and to check for pregnancies.  About 80% of our brood cows are bred, we are expecting 18 calves in the spring.  We are also adding 4 cow calf pairs from another local farm, they will be arriving in December, this should bring our calf count to 22 for next year.

The cattle are still grazing on stockpiled grasses, the grass is also continuing to grow.  I believe they will be grazing for at least another 2-4 weeks.  If the weather cooperates we might be able to continue into December.

This grazing season we have concentrated on chasing energy in the grass that the cattle graze, this is the new growth on the tips.  High energy grass, helps the cattle maintain a body PH of around 7, which in turn allows the cattle to absorb more of the minerals that they consume, keeping the cattle healthy, with fast growth, and making their meat more nutritionally dense, as well as very tasty, and juicy.

This month we have a few sides of beef still available.  The butcher will be cutting them in a week or so.   Would you like to buy some?

Lamb Last Chance for 2016

Our sheep herd has done exceptionally well this year!  The lambs are nice and plump!  They have been rotated through fresh paddocks all spring, summer, and fall.  Grass fed Katahdin lamb meat has a mild flavor, is very tender, well marbled, a great eating experience!

We have a select few that are available to fill you freezer, and feed your family over the winter, they are currently aging, and will be cut next week.  Be sure to get your order in quickly as they will go fast.  Whole lambs are $400, and Halves $250 including butcher fees.  Order yours today!