This week went by in a whirlwind!  There is always a lot to accomplish on the farm, preparing for winter adds a few more tasks.  In addition to caring for the animals, this week we prepared about 1/2 of our main field, and planted winter rye.  Pigs went to market.  Time was spent networking with some additional outlets for our meat, including a wedding facility, and a 5 star restaurant.

Farm Store

Open Saturday and Sunday 9-1

This weekend we have our last batch of fresh pasture raised non-gmo chickens in stock.  Stop by to stock up for the winter.

We also have some great pork chops, hams, bacon, and much more in stock!

Grass-fed Lamb:  there are a few half lambs available, cut into roast, and chops.  $225 for halves or $400 for a whole

Pig Labor

Over the last month or so 12 sows had litters in this field, where we rotated them through the pasture.  I went a little slower than usual so that they tilled up the dirt for us.  After moving them out of an area we ran a spring tooth harrow over the paddock several times to smooth it out, and then picked rocks.  Wednesday and Thursday we planted.  I am hoping the pigs will till the rest of the field up this week, and we will plant the rest of the field.  The animals will then be moved off of the field until mid spring 2017.


I’ve mentioned The MFCEO PROJECT in the past!  The podcast is aimed at people who want to take control of their lives, be a positive influence to their communities, and remind America of the great values that created our country. I HIGHLY recommend listening to their podcast!http://

About a month ago they celebrated their 100th episode!   The podcast is getting over 1 million downloads per month, to thank their audience they announced a contest.  The MFCEO Project will be bringing 5 listeners down to St. Loius to spend the day with Andy Frisella.  Where we will get to know him, have dinner, hang out at 1st Phorm, check out the studio, and at some point spend at least 1 hour in the Board Room with Andy.  I think this trip would be priceless for many reasons, so I decided to apply.

The application asked for some general information, and “Why do you want to hang out with Andy”.  I wrote a short essay, but felt a video would better show how far I have come, and why I want to hang out with Andy. Take a look at the 2 videos that I submitted.

Lily at Gardenhouse Films, along with Jeremy from AGL Studio, and Lauren of LAROSE media, shot the video, and edited all of the material.  Be sure to follow them, and let them know what you think of the video.