Farm Store Moves

It’s time to move the farm store to our new farm, this will allow us to work on projects between customers.  With spring on the new farm we have plenty of projects.

Farm Store Location

144 Beebe Rd

Knox NY 12023


Saturdays 9-1

Sundays 9-1

or By appointment

Missing Dogs

Last week we put Tucker our 11 year old golden retriever to sleep, he was an amazing dog.  Actually he was our first animals together, and possibly a gateway to starting our farm.  We miss him dearly.

Wednesday as I was burying Tucker, I forgot to close a gate tightly, and 2 of our livestock guardians slipped out for a run.  Toruk was four Thursday afternoon 20 miles away.  He was picked up and brought to someone’s home, when I got their to pick him up at noon on Friday he was gone again.  Friday evening he was found again another 18 miles away.  We picked him up and he is home safely.

Fluffy the dark colored dog is still missing, and we haven’t heard of any sightings, she is about 1 year old, 85-100 pounds.

Missing Dog

Fluffy the dog to the left is missing. Please help find her


Grazing Season Begins

It seems like we are in a perpetual muddy season, however the grass is definitely starting to grow.  Last week we started rotating our cattle through pastures.  The grass is just starting to grow so we are giving them huge paddocks and moving them every other day.  They also have access to hay if they choose.


Our calf count is up to 9, we expect 10 more in the near future.  Later in the summer 20-30 more will join them.


Meat Chickens

This year we are raising significantly more meat chickens than we have in the past.  So far we have 500 chicks from 2-6 weeks old, 200 more arrive this Thursday.  The first batch heads to pasture this afternoon, where we will rotate them daily.

May 7th our first batch will be processed, they will be available at the farm store fresh from May 8-10 before we freeze them.

Egg Layers

Last week we picked up 100 new pullets, within the next 4 or 5 weeks they will start laying.  When they arrived on Friday they headed right for the field, in the next few days they will start a daily rotation behind our cattle.  A few more egg shares are available Half share $120 for 22 dozen throughout the year Full Share $200 for 45 dozen throughout the year.  Delivery is available for $60 per year, this can include meat delivery as well.



Our first litteres of the year arrived on Saturday.  Three sows delivered a whole bunch of healthy piglets.  One more litter is due any day.

In June the majority of our sows will farrow.


We are starting to fill some orders for pre purchased half and whole pigs.

Pork will be back in stock late next week as well.  With some beautiful chops, ribs, roasts, and sausage.

Open House

June 10th 12-4 we will be hosting an open house at West Wind Acres, please save the date.