I’ve been driving my current truck since 2006.  I purchased my 2003 GMC 2500HD with 22,000 miles.  Friday she cleared 270,000 just before the transfer case broke.  It’s not worth spending thousands of dollars to fix her up.  It’s an end of an era!

We’ve been through a ton together.  Hundreds of thousands of miles, thousands of miles hauling animals, feed and hay.  She’s hauled construction materials, and debris.  Watched our children grow, but its about time for her to go.  She’s been good to me and help up through a lot of hard work.  I’ve dinged, and dented her, and she keeps going.

I’ve thought long and hard about fixing her up, or buying another truck.  A shinny new expensive ride, or sink a bunch of money into this one.  I’ve looked at 5-10 year old trucks, they are so expensive it makes no sense not to purchase brand new.  The $60,000 price tag on a new truck comes with a huge monthly payment, the money would be much better invested into the farm.

After searching long and hard I’ve decided to find a classic truck 1980-2000, a little older, but in good shape, something that we can buy outright.  An older truck is usually easier and less expensive to fix and I can do most of the work.

I currently have my eye on 2-3 trucks, one sticks out that I really like and hope to hear back from the owner soon.

End of an Era Sale

We are going to sell enough CSAs and pre-ordered meat in the next couple of days to purchase this truck outright.

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