Everything we do, we believe in challenging the conventional ways. We believe in doing the best for Mother Earth everyday. The way we challenge the status quo is by working holistically with nature to raise our animals.  Our animals are rotated through pastures, and wood lots so that we impact the ground very quickly, and with much force, then we give the area time to rest and regrow.  As our animals feast on the fresh forage we put in front of them their cloven hooves push grass, manure, and urine into the ground, where microbes, and earth worms can also enjoy them.  The animals choose what they’d like to eat, and trample the rest into the earth.  The soil life in turn makes new top soil for us, and helps us to sequester carbon into the soil.  The impact of their hooves also exposes seeds that may have fallen 20 or more years ago, bringing our fields more diverse and native plant life.  Our management mimics how the great herds made the Appalachian Valley so fertile, and beautiful!  Earth Day is everyday at West Wind Acres!

In doing this we just happen to make create nutritionally dense, and very tasty meats, want to buy some?  Our farm store is open Saturday 10-2 and Sunday 1-4!

Farmer Friday:

What do you want to know about our farm?  Ask away!

An additional 5 acre wood lot was fenced off this week.  Today around 30 pigs and 30 cattle will start a rotation through the woods.  The pigs will forage through the leaf litter for nuts, grubs, worms, roots, and whatever else they think is tasty.  The cattle will be fed hay in the lot for a few days.  Seeds will pass through them and help kick start the undergrowth to grow.  Their hooves will massage the topsoil, and prep it to explode with new growth.

New week we start fencing the last 35 acres of woods on the Bintz farm, the rest of our pigs will move into the woods very soon.

Baby Count:

Lambs:  7

Calves:  0

Piglets:  0

Farm Store:

Early tomorrow morning I will rush out to our butcher to pick up a side of beef, and a bunch of pork.  Our freezers will be overflowing with meat this weekend.


13th Month Free when you purchase a Meat CSA this weekend!


Saturday: 10-2

Sunday:  1-4

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton, NY 12010