Farmer Friday

Chickens take up a lot of our time during the summer, because we literally have chickens everywhere.

Customers can buy our first batch of fresh chicken this weekend!

Batch #2 is 20 Cornish Cross Chicks, they are currently 1 week old, and are growing nicely in their brooder.  At  3-4 weeks old they move onto pasture where we will move them twice per day.

Broiler chickens are easiest to grow up until mid October.  In years past we’ve raised them until around Thanksgiving, the cold weather slows their growth to the point its not worth keeping them on pasture. 

Our laying hens fertilize the farm, and control our bug population.  In nature birds follow the herbivores, to sanitize the grasslands.   Right now I’m spending a ton of time with them, we have a few “bad hens” that are breaking and eating our eggs to the tune of 50% loss.  We are collecting eggs much more often and trying to find the culprits, often 1 chicken will break the eggs and then the whole flock joins in on the tasty feast. 

New roll away nest boxes are under construction.   Eggs roll into a safe compartment as they are layed.  Hopefully this will help our profits, and ease up my time.


Monday Hunter and I moved two loads of cattle back to our main farm.  All of the cattle are in one herd, this allows us to move them to fresh paddocks more times per day. 

Our cattle move to new paddocks 1-8 times per day.  By moving the cattle more often we are able to increase our herd density up to around a million pounds of animal per acre.  Our herd weighs about 60,000 pounds, to accomplish 1 million pounds per acre we give them less than an acre at a time. 

They are moved to new paddocks at a rate to accomplish our goals for the particular paddock.  For most of our farm the goal is to let the cattle eat the top third of the plant, and trample what they don’t like.  In weedy areas we try to trample the undesirable plants much harder. 

Amazing things start to happen when you increase herd density.  The cattle start acting like a mob, think great herds of Africa.  At 1 Million pounds per acre Nitrogen (cow fertilizer) distribution rate increases 10 fold (ex: if we put the herd in an entire 10 acres field for 10 days vs 10 days in the same field in small paddocks).  They eat what they like and trample the rest, this helps feed the soil microbes, and pressures the weeds so they don’t grow back as thick.  By feeding the microbes they build topsoil. 



Fresh Pasture Raised Chicken:  Saturday, and Sunday we will offer a few fresh before freezing them.  Email to reserve yours

Pasture Raised Pork:  This week we are fully stocked with pork, stop by this weekend to stock up.  Chops, sausage, roasts, ribs and much more.

CSA Openings:  In July and August we have 4 openings for new CSA members.  Each month our CSA members get a selection of pasture raised meats.  You can pick up at the farm, or we can deliver right to your door.  Order a CSA for your family today!

Half and Whole Pig Prebuys:    We are offering a few pigs for prebuy.  Order now for a 15% discount, pigs will go to butcher this fall.

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