New Farm Store Hours:

Summer is officially here in a few days, with it we will bring you more convenient hours.

Bacon, breakfast sausage, pork chops, and chicken are all plentiful this week!

Wednesday and Friday evenings 4-7 pm

Saturday and Sunday 9 am -1 pm

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton, NY 12010

Chasing Energy:

Everything we do we challenge the status quo.  West Wind Acres is in the energy business, we harvest solar energy, using our 200 acre solar panel.  The sun supplies us energy to grow grass.  Our job is to manage the grass, by grazing with our animals in a way that maximizes the solar collection, sequesters tons of carbon, creating top soil.  Solar energy grows grass, high energy grass keeps our livestock healthy and growing, in turn the animals trample grass and forages into the earth, sequestering carbon, and feeding the soil life.
We grow grass to benefit the earththe animals, and our customers.  In doing this we just happen to make amazingly juicy, tender, and flavorful meats.
Your body is worth the investment!  Meats from pasture raised animals are leaner, tastier, and more nutritious.  West Wind Acres supplies 100% Grass-fed beef and lambpasture raised chicken, and pork supplemented with non-gmo grains. Want to invest in some?  Your body will thank you!

Farmer Friday:

What a beautiful week we have been given!  It’s been a very busy, and rewarding week.  We added a new CSA customer, 8 pigs went to market, stocked our freezers with bacon and breakfast sausage, I also spent a day learning.

Wednesday I spent the day at the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture at a grazing intensive with Ian Mitchell-Innes a long time cattle farmer from South Africa.  Ian is in the United States for the summer teaching what he has learned through years of farming, going broke, and then learning to work with nature, harness the sun, using his immense solar panel, and use animals to improve the land.  By focusing on animal performance everyone wins.  Animal are healthier, chemicals aren’t needed, wildlife both above and below ground thrive, carbon is sequestered, and topsoil is build.  Over the last 20 years Ian hasn’t stopped learning, he shared a ton information with us, answered lots of questions.  Ian clarified a few things that I have learned through reading, or from other grazers many who have learned with or directly from Ian.

On Ian’s ranch he is able to graze 3x more cattle than most other ranches in South Africa, so mush so that he has leased out much of his farm without decreasing the size of his herd.

Have you ever noticed cattle in North America standing in water on a hot day?  One might think that this is because the animal is hot, and is trying to cool off.  In actuality the real problem is to much protein is in that animals diet, which is casing their PH to be high, and their O2 level to be to low.  Just above the surface of the water the air is O2 rich, which is benefiting the animal.  If the farmer was simply chasing energy and animal performance, the animals PH would be closer to 7 which is neutral.

A high PH can cause all sorts of problems with humans and animals, starting with mineral absorption and utilization, disease, weight loss, parasites, and much more.  As soon as I got to the farm yesterday I took out some PH paper and tested our sheep and cattle.

Ian runs an around 7,000 cattle using Mob Grazing, it was a great experience to spend the day with him and learn directly from a master!

Farm Festival 2016:

Farm Festival Save-the-datePlanning is in full swing.  Stay tuned for all of the detail of this amazing Festival.  Many of our partners, natural, holistic, and amazing companies will be joining us.  There will be a little something for everyone.  Food, fun, tours, presentations, activities, and much more.