The best part of my job is supplying our nutritious, tender, juicy meats to families in the Capital District.  Last week 20 new families purchased meats from us.  Many came out to the farm store, and met us in person, others ordered online for pick up at their local drop point.  We deliver meat to our drop points on the first Tuesday of every month, it makes for an exciting, challenging, and rewarding!

I love meeting our new customers, and finding out what brought them to our farm, and why they are choosing to purchase pasture raised meats.  Everyone has a different answer, a different reason, a different passion!

Ask Stefanie anything!  Stefanie will be fielding your questions for this weeks Farmer Friday!  Ask away, she will answer your questions this evening.

Spring is getting very close, the animals are changing to prepare for its arrival, many are starting to show, birthing season starts in a few weeks.  Before you know it I will be inundating you with pics of lamb, piglets, and calves.  The grass will start to grow soon, the cattle, and rotation will start all over again.  I can’t wait.

This weekend I am dropping in to talk with a few land owners, in hopes to pick up a few more farms to graze and make hay on.  If you know of anyone with in a 20 minute drive of our farm that has land they are under utilizing, I would love to get in touch with them, I want to revitalize more land this year through rotational grazing.

Question of the Week:

Danuta M:  What is your favorite dish, and is it prepared from farm meat?

My favorite meal is a West Wind Acres 100% Grass-fed ribeye steak, grilled over hardwood charcoal seasoned with fresh garlic, salt, and pepper, with a fresh garden salad, and fresh vegetables, and baked potatoes cooked over the fire.

Pork: Wednesday two of our pasture raised pigs will be headed to the abattoir.  We have 1 half available for $550 you can order at the link below.  Pork will be cut to your specifications, and ready for pick up at the farm in approximately 3 weeks

Half Pig from West Wind Acres

The farm store is open from 10-2 on Saturday, and 1-4 on Sunday.   In stock now, plenty of pasture raised pork, whole pasture raised chickens, and Grass-fed ground beef.