Over the years we’ve read through many different certifications and labels.  Each of which has had many great points, and standards.  However, they each also have limitations, restrictions.  They also include requirements that don’t match our research, goals, morals, and vision.  In lieu of certifications and labels we have chosen to be transparent.  This also helps our customers know exactly how our animals are raised, and how their meat is raised.

West Wind Acres has always been and will continue to be a transparent farm.  Welcome and encouraged our customers to visit and learn how we raise our animals at anytime.   We enjoy showing our customers around the farm, so they can see first hand our animals on pasture, and in woodlots, with plenty of space to live and behave as nature intended.


Our Cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished.  They graze fresh pastures throughout the growing season, stockpiled pasture after the grass stops growing, and are fed hay when grass isn’t available.  Throughout the growing season, and into the early winter our cattle are rotated to fresh lush grass paddocks daily.  Occasionally they move several times each day to new paddocks.  We offer our cattle free choice vitamins and minerals cafeteria style so they can choose what their bodies need each day.  Fresh clean water is always available.


Pigs at West Wind Acres are typically found out in the woods, or in a pasture, where they root round, and forage for much of their diet.  We also feed our pigs non-gmo grains, including a vitamin/mineral supplement.  Our sows usually naturally farrow out on pasture in temporary shelters.  We wean our piglets between 6-10 weeks of age.


We raised laying hens, meat chickens, and turkey.  Day old chicks and poults spend their first few weeks in a brooder, where we can control temperature, drafts, and predators.  Once the birds are fully feathered, we acclimate them to the outdoor temperature, before taking them to pasture.  Each day we move them to fresh grass, helping to spread their manure throughout the farm, while keeping them clean, and healthy.  Our chickens forage for much of their diet, they are also offered non-gmo grains.


Farm Update

Our second batch of 100 broiler chicks for 2018 arrived yesterday.  Next week we are expecting another 100 broiler chicks and up to 300 layer chicks.

I’ve been patiently awaiting our first calf of 2018 for 2 weeks now.  I’m surprised, and relieved that we haven’t had any born yet.  With these snowstorms it’s great that they have waited.


Farm Store

This week we have a good supply of grass-fed ground beef, pasture raised pork roast, and chickens.

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton NY 12010

Open Weekends 9-1