Farmer Friday

Some day’s its a good thing that the cattle are beautiful and we have some amazing and helpful neighbors.  A tree fell on our fence sometime Wednesday and about half our herd escaped, I found them out as I was preparing to load pigs to deliver to our abattoir early Thursday morning.  The next 20 hours of chaos is a really long story, but we got through it with the help of some great neighbors.

Ashley snapped this stunning picture as she was rounding them up Thursday morning.  Once I returned in the late morning the herd was reunited, and calmed down as they rested under the shade of a hedge row.  We moved them to a fresh pasture in the early afternoon.  Upon evening herd check they were all quiet and settled back in.  This morning they are quietly grazing.

This fall has been very busy at the farm, we are preparing for winter, along with some changes.  Our pig herd is being culled down to our best breeding stock, as we change our management system.

This week we had our veterinarians out for herd checks, the animals all passed with flying colors, and are ready to move into the cold season.

Fall is finally here, and the farm is doing better than ever.  I spent much time this week planning for the future growth of West Wind Acres.  In 2018 we are introducing new and improved management practices to our pig herd, and poultry flock.  Allowing us to provide even better quality of life to our animals, which in turn will create better meats.  Stay tuned for more info!

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Pasture Raised Meat Chickens

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