Farmer Friday

Bull shit

Wednesday morning after an hour and a half drive.  I stepped out of the car, and into a pasture right into bull shit.  Literally!

I took a trip to Black Queen Angus to tour Morgan Hartman’s farm and look at his yearling bulls.  Morgan has been working on grass-fed beef genetics for quite sometime.  He has a beautiful herd of Black Angus, that thrive on 100% grass diet.  These cattle gain weight quickly, birth and breed naturally, and keep great body condition even through tough Northeast Winters.  They also produce excellent tender well marbled beef!

I’ve zeroed in on a particular yearling bull that I think will do wonders for our herd.  The bull is the most important of the cattle in the herd, as he will effect 50% of the genetic make up of our calves.  Sometime in early July we will be making the trip again, to pick him up, and bring him back to West Wind Acres where he will get busy with his new ladies.


I made a trip out to one of our butchers yesterday and picked up a truckload of pork, including long awaited bacon, sausage, pork chops and roasts, and so much more.  Stop by the farm store this weekend to stock up 9-1 Saturday and Sunday

The Collective at M & D Farm

Find us at M & D Farm this weekend for an amazing event!

Inspired by the local talented creators, makers, farmers, and chefs in the area of upstate NY surrounding the M & D farm the Collective is a series of seasonal curated markets, workshops, and dinners that display the bounty the area has to offer.

The Collective features vendors of handmade goods along with farm to table food purveyors amongst the backdrop of an idyllic farm with 1940s barn, English and Mediterranean gardens, and pond. Come peruse the market, lounge by the pond, take in a workshop, and explore the grounds!


364 State Route 143, Westerlo, NY


We’ve been making headway leasing additional land.  We picked up 16 acres this week, and are talking with the stewards of an amazing 100 acre property.  Weekly we will be working towards our goal to expand the size of West Wind Acres.

Do you know anyone who currently spends their summer mowing or brush hogging their fields?  If so put us in touch with them, we can get their time and diesel back, while improving their land.  Our cattle will add nutrients to the soil, control weeds, and hedge row encroachment, and build the soil!