To treat or not to treat that is the questions
February 13, 2012

Several weeks ago we purchased a new Red Wattle boar, when I picked him up he was limping.  I made a…

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Crazy evening in the Snow!
October 27, 2011

I love the weather in the northeast, but this year is a little rough.  This evening around 6:15 I headed up…

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Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Tornadoes oh my…….
October 12, 2011

It has been crazy around here for the last couple of months, we have experienced much of Mother Natures Furry, from…

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Successful Fundraiser to help support local farmers
September 28, 2011

Thank you everyone for your support, our fundraising event has come to a very successful end.  Your orders have gotten our…

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UPDATE: Supporting local farms damaged by Hurricane Irene
August 31, 2011

West Wind Acres was very lucky with this awful Hurricane.  We did sustain minimal damage, just a few trees fell on…

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A few new animals on the farm
August 22, 2011

We have some new arrivals to West Wind Acres. New piglets playing hide n seek behind mom

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New Order Form!
August 12, 2011

Order Form

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Life on the Farm with a young toddler
July 29, 2011

Hunters daycare was closed for vacation this week, so I am stuck with him.  How am I ever going to get…

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A Day On The Farm
July 17, 2011

We had our meet the farmer day today! It was one of the hottest days yet but we had sunny weather…

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Hunter and Snowball Meet
July 15, 2011

This morning Hunter helped me feed the chickens, and pigs and helped me move the cattle.  Snowball came over to meet…

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