It’s typical that farmers slowly grow in an organic way, acquiring animal and equipment assets overtime. Never completely realizing everything we have.  Our assets are stored in barns, pastures, and through out our farms.  Due to this slow acquisition often insurance isn’t purchased to cover everything we own.  This slips by the wayside until its to late, until our worse nightmare comes to life.

The Nightmare

A friend and neighbor realized this nightmare last Friday when she found her barn on fire, with many of the things her family had worked so hard to earn.

Last Friday started as a normal day for Jules of Mack Brin Farms animals were fed, her daughter headed off to school, shortly after she noticed the barn a blaze.  Inside hundreds of animals, equipment, hopes, dreams and years of hard work.  Jules immediately swung into action to try to save as many of the animals as possible.  She jumped on her tractor, driving into the barn to break her herd of rare San Clemente Island Goats free.

The fire departments were called out, over 7 districts were on site fighting the blaze.

Hunter and I arrived hours later after catching word of the fire.  We brought hay, and a little grain.  It had been almost 6 hours since the fire departments arrived, they were just finishing up.  Jules and her family were just starting to realize how much they had lost.

The Losses

Much was lost in a just a few hours time.  Over 100 rabbits died in the fire, along with Jules San Clemente Island herd sire her pride and joy, countless chickens also died in the fire.

The barn it self was 60 foot x 90 foot or so.  Inside countless farm tools, supplies, and assets.

Jules husband Stu used a portion of the building to store tools and equipment for his HVAC business much of this was also lost.

Winters Coming

Its going to be a long and expensive road to rebuild all that was lost.  Winters Coming soon and there is so much to do.  A new barn needs to be erected, grain storage acquired, new tools and equipment purchased.

Jules and her family could use all the help they can get.  A GoFundMe page has been started.  Fund raiser at Saratoga Winery October 22nd from 5-8pm tickets are $20

Please help in anyway you can, the biggest concern is getting temporary and permanent shelter and dry storage.