Farmer Friday

As the seasons start to change I find it a great time to sit back for a few moments to reflect on the summer.

It’s been a very busy year for the farm.  Over the winter I had decided to operate the farm with minimal help for the year.  I did this as a way to get systems in check, keep our expenses lower, and really dial in everything.  This will prepare us for 2018 when we will take on a couple of full time employees, while Joshua steps back and manages the business as a whole. 

The weather has been challenging this year, with all of the rain we’ve gotten.  Overall we have been able to adjust and make the best of it.  One advantage is that the grass has grown very well.  We are still putting up hay for the winter, and have a little ways to go.  If the weather cooperates, and the hay dries well we should finish in the next couple of weeks.  We are considering purchasing a hay chopper so that we can bring in second cutting to feed directly to the cattle until the snow really starts to fly.

The animals are all looking really good as we come into fall.  We have several more steers headed to the processor in the next few months, plenty of pigs as well.  Currently we have just about 1,000 meat chickens that are growing out and will finish in the next 7-9 weeks.  Many of them will be available fresh from the farm store, we will offer a small discount for purchasing in bulk.

Pasture Raised Meat Chickens

Our broiler chicken season is in full swing, over the next 8 weeks we will be processing 1,000 chickens.  Our freezers, as well as yours will be bursting at the seams.

Broiler special order 10 or more chickens save $.50 per pound


Pasture Raised Pork:

We have several pigs scheduled for the butcher in October, a couple of halves are still available, and are on sale for the next 2 weeks.

Half and Whole Pig Prebuys:    We are offering  2 more pigs for prebuy.  Order now for a 15% discount, pigs will go to butcher this fall.

Grass-fed Beef:

This week 2 beautiful steers headed to the butcher, we have 2 sides available.   Fill your freezer

CSA Openings: 

In September we have 4 openings for new CSA members.  Each month we prepare a selection of our pasture raised meats for our CSA members.  You can pick up at the farm, or we can deliver right to your door.  Order a CSA for your family today!


Farm Store

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