West Wind Acres raises our chickens and pigs on pasture feeding them non-gmo grains.  They forage for much of their diets, which keeps them healthy, ensures exercise, sun and fresh air.  Our cattle and sheep are 100% grass-fed, rotated to fresh paddocks daily throughout the growing season.

Meat from our animals has amazing flavor, is nutritionally dense, and has a completely different fat profile.  Our Meat CSAs are a perfect way to ensure your family is eating our healthy meat all year long.  Take a look at some of the benefits…

1.  West Wind Acres meats taste amazing!

2.  Our Meat CSAs will help you eat healthier.  Pasture raised meats contain more protein, less fat, and more nutrition than commercially raised meats.

3.  CSAs can help plan your meals.  Many of our customers love that we take the work out of meal planning.  They plan meals around the meats that we deliver for the month.

4.  The average American consumes 66.5 pounds of beef per year, by switching to 100% grass-fed beef you can save 17,733 calories per year

5.  Animals at West Wind Acres live on pasture, with fresh air, sunshine, and they can live life as they were designed to.

6.  Food from local farms has a story

7.  Food safety:  more and more we are hearing about diseases, and recalls in our industrial food.  Pasture based farms have much less risk of disease, and our animals are processed in a smaller, facility.

8.  Positive impact on the environment.  Rotational grazing is beneficial for everyone, the land, the animals, the consumer, and the farmers.

9.  Purchasing local:  for every $100 you spend with a local Company at least $68 will stay in your community

10.  By purchasing a CSA you will be helping us to plan our growth

11.  Convenience We deliver monthly to a community near you

Purchasing a CSA from West Wind Acres

We offer several different CSA packages ranging from 2 chickens per month, up to 40 pounds of meat per month.

Our 20 pound mixed meat CSA is our most popular option.  Over the course of 12 months you will receive 240 pounds of meat, including approximately 20-24 chickens, more than a half of pig, and just about a quarter beef.  Check out our pricing below

Example 20 pound CSA

This is what one customer received last month in their 20 pound mixed meat CSA

5.87 lbs Chicken
4.04 lbs Grass-fed ground beef
1.68 lbs T-bone Steaks
2.80 lbs Chuck roast
.76   lbs  Skirt Steak
2.24 lbs Pork Chops
1.60 lbs Ham
.71   lbs Bacon
.78   lbs Breakfast Sausage

Would you like to purchase a Tasty Meats CSA today?

20 Pound Mixed Meat CSA

10 Pound Mixed Meat CSA

40 Pound Mixed Meat CSA