We believe, everyone should live a happy, healthy, and long life.  We believe, when given the choice animals know what they need to keep their bodies in top condition, what plants and minerals to consumer to maintain the perfect balance.  We believe the foods we nourish our bodies with should be of the best quality, great flavor, juicy, high in protein, and nutrient dense.  We believe that our animals produce meat of this quality. Bottom line…you need some in your freezer!

Our farm store is open Saturday 10-2 and Sunday 1-4!

Farmer Friday:

What do you want to know about our farm? Ask away!

Grazing has officially started for the year.  Our grass is growing a little slow this spring, which has given us a later than usual start.

Yesterday our sheep, lambs, and brood cow/calves moved to a neighbors lawn to mow and fertilize for them.  Stan and Chris have been great neighbors as they watch over the farm, and help when they can.

The rest of our cattle herd started their grazing in the North Field, and will be there for about 4 days, before heading to the back 40, and then cemetery field.  In the spring we keep the animals in large paddocks, and move them fast.  I want them to take one bite across the whole field, and not eat to much.  As our forages grow taller we can slow them down and put them in smaller paddocks so that they have a greater impact on the soil, and plant life.

Grazing Goals:

  • 1 million pounds of animal per acre
  • No hay until after January 1 2017
  • Start grazing by April 15 2017
  • Meaty, stocky healthy animals

As the season comes into full swing, we confine the cattle in smaller paddocks and move them more often.  In the heat of the grazing season they can be moved as often as every hour during the day.

Studies show that a stocking rate of 1 million pounds of animal per acre has a exponential  effect on the soil and plant life.  To achieve such a high stocking rate the animals need to be moved very often especially in poor fields.  However, the effect the impact can have on the field is amazing.  The cattle start to eat about 90% of the plant life, and trample the rest, their urine, and manure also covers the area very uniformly.  Some studies have shown the amount of nitrogen (fertilizer from urine) that the cattle leave is exponential compared to the same cattle, on the same field, for the same time, but conventionally grazed.  Free fertilizer!  The forages grow back faster, topsoil is created quickly, and our forages become more diverse.  I could go on for hours so I’ll stop right there.  Visit us in July to see first hand.

Leasing more grazing pastures will help to meet our goals. Please inform me if you know of land that could use grazing.

Babies are still arriving at the farm as the spring explosion of life continues.  III (3) our bottle calf, will be at the farm house this weekend during our store hours. I encourage you to stop in and meet him.

Baby Count:

Lambs: 16

Calves: 4

Piglets: 42

Chicks:  200

Farm Store:

Our freezers are fully stocked for the weekend. We have bacon, sausage, roasts, chicken and much more!


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