Slow Roasted Boston Butt


  • 3-8 Pound West Wind Acres Boston Butt
  • 1 Pound West Wind Acres no nitrate smoked bacon
  • Pumpkin chunks approx 1 pound
  • West Wind Acres Pork Rub
  • Pumpkin Butter

Thaw boston butt in refrigerator overnight, remove from fridge and acclimate to room temperature for 2 hours, place in roasting pan and firmly rub in the pork rub.  Cut pumpkin chunks place several in the roasting pan, use a toothpick to hold a few on top of the roast.  Dollop bumpkin butter in several locations on top of the roast.

Preheat oven to broil or your highest setting.  Cook the roast for 30 minutes, then lower temperature to 250 degrees (we cooked ours at 200 degrees for 10 hours)

With approximately 3 hours cook time remaining, weave bacon on a separate baking sheet.  Place in oven, once it starts to crisp(I brought the oven back to broil for), remove the pumpkin from the top of the roast and lay the weave on.  Add more pumpkin butter to the top of butt.

Roast until it reaches 145 degrees minimum per USDA suggestions, we roasted to 160 degrees.  A higher temp may be required if you plan to pull the roast.

Let rest for min 20 minutes before serving