Grass-fed Beef

West Wind Acres creates meat that are superior, through fresh clean pastures, rotational grazing, non-gmo grains (for pigs and chickens), a low stress life, and responsible husbandry. Our Tasty Meats are nutritionally dense, lean, and have high percentage of protein.

West Wind Acres raises chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, and beef on pasture using management intensive rotational grazing (we move them to fresh pastures often and plan ahead for the year). We strive to keep our animals in clean, fresh paddocks with lush plants to forage on, and raise them as if they were free.

Our sheep and cattle are raised on 100% grass (hay stored grass in the late winter).

Chickens and pigs are free to roam and eat all the natural food they can find we supplemented their diet with non-gmo grains.

Our products can be purchased as single cuts, CSAs, or in bulk half, whole animals.

Grass Fed Beef

Grass-fed Beef

Free Range Chicken

free range chicken

Pasture Raised Pork

pasture raised pork